This classic 1909 kitchen is located in Middlestown, Wakefield and is home to a young, professional couple, Mr & Mrs Tyzzer-Smith, who approached Twenty 5 Design for a new kitchen.

The kitchen is free flowing into the utility room, and is styled to feel like one continuous space. This large open space, teamed with a light, neutral colour scheme gives the room a spacious, bright and airy feel.

The feature mantle above the oven adds an interesting focal point to the room, and this being a darker colour to the wall draws attention without distracting from the rest of the kitchen.

The kitchen’s worktops were imported from Germany and were kept neutral to match the rest of the room, but mixing laminate with stone creates texture and is a beautiful addition to the design.

Following the installation, the family hired an interior designer to accessorise their kitchen, bringing the finishing touches to their new living space.

Cost: £30,000 - £35,000