This traditional kitchen in Wakefield is home to Mr & Mrs Hargreaves, of Horbury, who wanted a warm and welcoming traditional kitchen mixed with contemporary design features that would be perfect for family gatherings. The Twenty 5 Design team were more than happy to help...

The wall between the original kitchen and dining room was knocked through to create one large room. When working with a North-facing kitchen, it's important to ensure that your room is kept light, bright and open.

Wall cabinets were kept to a minimum to avoid the room feeling crowded. We also broke up straight runs of storage units with feature doors to bring a unique feel to the design.

A mix of ivory and walnut cabinetry echoes the combination of cream quartz and walnut worktops, and timber-backed stools.

The overall look of Mr & Mrs Hargreaves' kitchen is timeless but accent areas such as the shaped walnut breakfast bar and curved wall cabinets inject focal points and design appeal.

This kitchen was voted Second Nature's real kitchen of the month for May 2012!