Quooker CUBE Wakefield | The Clever Tap

Quooker CUBE Wakefield | The Clever Tap

Saturday 15 February 2020

Many distinguished homeowners are already long term fans of the Quooker range but the game-changer this year is the new Quooker CUBE which can dispense sparkling, boiling and chilled water. Dubbed by our team ‘the clever tap’ as it makes entertaining for large numbers easy, read on for more ways that Quooker CUBE can help your busy household every day.

More Effective Cooking

If you’re hosting any events this year, as the designated chef, it’s only right you have a kitchen junior. Thankfully for this, is the new Quooker CUBE, a boiling tap with a trick up its sleeve. With boiling water on tap, there’s no need to fill and wait for the kettle to boil. Simply head straight to the tap to get what you need and keep your delicious dinner cooking simultaneously.

Tidy and Clutter-Free Worktops

Picture the scene, it’s Christmas Day, and you’re trying to serve up what you’ve just cooked. There’s crackers here and plastic bottles there - you can’t move for party clutter! The Quooker CUBE, however, will nip most of your kitchen clutter in the bud. With filtered or sparkling tap water, you won’t need to buy it, and you won’t need your kettle for boiling either!

Spectacular Cocktails & Juices

Large family gatherings with plenty of guests mean drinks need topping up A LOT. Whether that’s water for the drivers or white wine with soda, that’s many quick dashes to the garage for supplies. This year, therefore, why not switch to a nearby Quooker CUBE for sparkling water? Have your guests ever seen an Aperol Spritz mixed from a tap? Nope, we didn’t think so either!

Plus don’t forget the kids - chilled cordials and sugar-free bubbles from a fun tap will entertain every little guest!

Energy-Efficient Enough to Stretch the Budget

Quooker taps are eco-friendly and much kinder to the environment than kettles. They also deliver the exact amount of water and when you need it, reducing your annual overall water wastage. Should you also choose to install the COMBI system, it reduces the energy used through your central heating boiler. So that’s a saving on water and energy - more room in the budget for wine and presents.

Quooker’s Marble Cake of Course!

There’s a little kid in all of us that makes us want to indulge in lots of naughty treats. Luckily, the team at Quooker has penned a recipe for tasty Chocolate Marble Cake! This pud is packed full of milk chocolate which will all need melting - easily done with a boiling tap (see the cake below). A fantastic investment for every day, a Quooker CUBE will be yours to enjoy all year.

The Clever Tap | Book a Demo of Quooker CUBE

Thank you for reading, we hope you’re eager to test out Quooker. So, if you’re considering a boiling water tap such as the CUBE, hopefully, this blog post has been a great help. To view a free showroom demo of this tap in action, please get in touch to book a convenient time. Hugely versatile and stylish addition, this tap is bound to impress anyone you invite over.

One-to-one consultations at our showroom are available by appointment only. To book simply fill in our contact form and we’ll get back to you shortly.

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