Mood-Enhancing Homes | Using Interior Colour For Better Health and Wellbeing

Mood-Enhancing Homes | Using Interior Colour For Better Health and Wellbeing

Monday 6 January 2020

The Psychology Behind Modern Colour

Feeling down in January is totally normal after the sudden comedown of Christmas cheer. If you’re looking to lift your spirits then consider re-painting, mood-enhancing homes can help to combat the blues. In fact, the psychology behind colour should not be made light of and studies have actually found that it can improve our health. So, how can we take this wisdom and apply it at home? Read on this week to find out more.

The Living Room

To take advantage of this concept, colour should be matched to meet a room’s purpose. Not every colour will work in every room and so they should be used in line with a function. For instance, let’s begin with the lounge, a place for relaxing after a long day’s work. Bright yellow walls would be a little unnerving and not what you need to unwind. Instead, neutral shades like white and cream will provide a haven to take five in but be careful with too many cool shades as you don’t want a lounge that is stark and clinical.

Home Office

If you work from home and are struggling to focus you don’t want a colour that could lead to distraction. The right shade of green, however, will promote optimal clarity which is great for getting things done. Creating a ‘’working in a forest’’ effect, you’ll feel naturally calm, ploughing through that to-do list like it’s nothing at all. Throw a few potted plants into the mix with a nice desk lamp and you’ll never lose focus again.


The bedroom is a place of peace and getting seven to eight hours so encourage sweet dreams with deep shades of blue to promote an overall sense of well-being. According to interior decorators, it can even help to lower your blood pressure. Whether this is true or not there’s one thing for certain, you’re more likely to get more good quality sleep.

The Kitchen

When it comes to kitchen colour there are two ideas and both are great for our mental health. Some experts suggest invoking good memories by styling it similar to a kitchen you remember from childhood. The mix of modern design with a familiar hint spurs nostalgia as you prep and cook. On the other hand, it’s believed warm yellows or light red promote a good diet and enjoyment of food.

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Thank you for reading this week’s post which discusses mood-enhancing interiors. Whether you’d like to sleep better or get some focus, hopefully, this article has been a great help. In fact, making a home a joy to live in is actually what we do best at Twenty 5 Design. Improving your home, room by room, we’ll ensure you both look and feel great! Thanks again.

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