Home Connect Wakefield | How Smart Home & Alexa Work Together

Home Connect Wakefield | How Smart Home & Alexa Work Together

Tuesday 28 January 2020

Ladies and gents, are you ready for a very special bit of home automation tech? Put your hands together for Alexa and Home Connect. Read this post to learn how to make the home automation a breeze. From guidance with cooking to lights that twinkle when the dishwasher is done, this is not a fairytale, this is very much real…

Cooking With a Virtual Chef…

Learn how to cook all types of delicious goodies without having to leave home. Simply Yummy easily allows you to improve your culinary skills. Sync with the Home Connect oven and make a success of even the most complicated dishes. You can even pre-heat the oven from your phone app whilst you’re out shopping.

… Who Will Even Order in Supplies

With lot’s to do ib our busy lives, the last thing you need is to run out of any essentials! So thankfully Home Connect can simplify how you do your shopping. Automatically generating a grocery list when items run low, ingredients can be delivered with Amazon. No more crazy shopping queues and no forgetting key bits - all with Home Connect.

Cleaning with Home Connect

You know what it’s like when you’re rushing around on a daily basis, then suddenly you have unexpected guests and you frantically clear up - it’s a scenario that’s very exhausting. Well, fear no more because with Home Connect you can link your vacuum via the smartphone app. It’s as good as clicking your fingers, thanks to the Room Mapping function and great for settling for those nerves.

Enjoy a Hot Chocolate Prepared by Alexa…

Get a big hug in a mug by Alexa! She can help you to unwind with a warming drink and thanks to Home Connect it will be made to your taste by Alexa or Google’s Assistant. Have Alexa also satisfy every request from guests with endless music playlists to accompany your hot choc!

… As You Admire Your Mood Enhancing Lights

For many, lighting sets the mood! So grab a drink and retire to the snug with adaptive lighting. There are plenty of brands of smart lighting that bring another dimension to a home. From disco-effect party lights to romantic dim hues, you can automate any effect. For example, Philips Hue connects with your home cinema, syncing your smart lights to movies and more. So bathe the room in a candle-like light as you settle down to watch a blockbuster together. Better still, if the dishwasher is on, have your lights blink so that you know when it’s ready to empty.

Home Connect Wakefield | One Click Away from a Convenience

We very much hope that you’ve enjoyed our post on Home Connect. Whether you love technology or crave an easier life, hopefully, this article has been a great help. Stay tuned as at Twenty 5 Design, we’ll soon be hosting live demos of Home Connect. Or why not contact us to see this home automation tech in action? Thank you for reading.

Image source: Flickr and Method Shop

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