Corian® Kitchen Sinks for an Unforgettably Flawless Finish

Corian® Kitchen Sinks for an Unforgettably Flawless Finish

Wednesday 18 December 2019

In the kitchen world, Corian® is known as a leading work surface material, however, a lesser-known fact is that it extends beyond just countertops. Corian® kitchen sinks are stylish, durable and versatile. Read on this week to explore them more and achieve a remarkably flawless finish.

Corian® Kitchen Sinks For Design Without Limits

Corian® kitchen sinks are available in an inspiring variety of colours and styles. Combine them with a full solid-surface and you’ll also create an unforgettable and sleek finish. Compared to the average sink, they make an elegant addition and are nonporous to resist the growth of mildew. They’re additionally easy to clean as well as good-looking and perfect for those who love an immaculate look.

A Range of Prefabricated Models

In addition to the freedom Corian® kitchen sinks offer, there’s the opportunity to choose from a range of models. Create a bespoke design or use a prefabricated style in a diverse selection of sink options. From designs with smooth-round edges to narrow corner radius, all sinks are designed to integrate seamlessly into your worktop. This ensures you’ll never have dirt or a mildew build-up at the point where the sink and worktop meets.

Discover The Corian® Sink Designer

Give your kitchen a lasting flawless finish with a beautiful sink from Corian®. Discover The Corian® Sink Designer, a helpful tool guaranteed to achieve the look you desire. Start by choosing the scene, your sink and faucet followed by changing the view. With plenty of options, you’ll have endless fun visualising your perfect Corian® sink.

Other Unexpected Ways to Use Corian®

As well as attractive sinks, Corian® work surfaces can be built to include other multifunctional uses. This includes drainings grooves, hob cooling racks and even integrated ice buckets. Blending seamlessly with worktops for increased flow, your kitchen space will feel more open. Coupled with unified splashbacks and of course, the sink, Corian® proves to be a worthy long-term kitchen investment.

Flawless Corian® Kitchen Sinks | Get Design Advice

Thank you for reading this week’s post which explores Corian® kitchen sinks. If you’re a fan of minimalism and you love good design, hopefully, this article has been a great help. Should you be feeling inspired, please talk to our team about your kitchen sink needs. With a variety of configurations for a flawless finish, there will be no limits to your kitchen project. Thank you for reading.

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