Quooker CUBE Wakefield | How to Achieve a Plastic-Free Kitchen

Quooker CUBE Wakefield | How to Achieve a Plastic-Free Kitchen

Friday 8 November 2019

The new Quooker CUBE has got us thinking with its ability to remove the need for plastic bottles. The hot topic of the moment is certainly plastic and how we should significantly reduce and re-use. With this in mind, how can we cut our plastic consumption in a kitchen environment? Read on this week for some tips to use less including a little help from the Quooker CUBE.

Plastic-Free Sparkling Water

If you are a sparkling water lover then, at last, there is a way to have up to 2 litres of sparkling water at hand at any time from your tap. Did you know that a single CUBE cylinder can provide 70 large bottles of sparkling water (as you can see above)? Better still, you won’t have to throw away part-used bottles that have gone flat, if they’ve been open for too long. That’s right; the Quooker CUBE allows you to dispense the right amount of sparkling water that you need when you want it. That is why it is a highly sustainable option. Plus on a bigger scale, it will no longer be necessary to transport plastic bottles by lorry.

Use Reusable Shopping Bags

You may be surprised to learn it’s been four years since the charge for plastic bags came in and reassuringly, our steady use of eco versions is also continuing to rise. So as a nation it seems we’re doing quite well in terms of reusing our shopping bags. Better still, you can also save grocery space and forget plastic bottles with the Quooker CUBE.

Swap Plastic Straws for Metal or Pasta

Again, we’re all pretty aware of the detrimental effect straws have on the ocean which is why in our kitchens many are swapping the plastic for kooky alternatives like pasta. Stainless steel is also great as it’s additionally dishwasher safe. Some prefer these alternatives to paper which often go soggy - not what you want in your drink.

Use an Alternative to Cling Film

Stick a ban on cling film and you’re partway there to achieving a plastic-free kitchen. Instead, opt for silicone stretch lids which are BPA free and promote a zero-waste lifestyle.

Switch to Re-fillable Cleaning Products

Most of the detergents we use on a daily basis all come in a plastic bottle. The reality, however, is that it can take up to 400 years for just one alone to break down. With this in mind, it’s safe to say, we need to have a word with ourselves (you included Mrs Hinch). Thankfully, there are now companies about that offer a service re-filling glass bottles with products. It’s straightforward to do, simply order your cleaning products which will be supplied in glass bottles and jars. Then using the Quooker CUBE, add boiling water to make re-fillable detergents last longer.

Buy in Bulk and Use Containers

Buying in bulk is eco-friendly because there’s no excessive packaging or car journeys. You can also reduce plastic more by using containers for loose foods such as rice. Waitrose was one of the first supermarkets to introduce a refillable zone. Simple take your containers to store and top-up as needed to help prevent thousands of tonnes in packaging.

Invest in a Quooker CUBE

Last and by no means least for achieving a plastic-free kitchen, is the new Quooker CUBE which features a setting that will eliminate plastic bottles forever! Not only can this clever tap provide instant boiling water but it can also supply cold and filtered plus sparkling water too. This is an incredible step for reducing plastic, especially if you hate tap water. It’s also safe for kids with childproof handles and perfect for making healthy fizzy pop!

Plastic is Not Fantastic | Reduce Your Carbon Footprint With Quooker CUBE

We hope that you’ve enjoyed our post on reducing your plastic consumption. It’s certainly a topic our team are passionate about and we’d also love to help you in any way we can. As a starting point, we’d like to show you exactly what the new Quooker CUBE can do. We, therefore, invite you to visit our Wakefield showroom to see this fantastic product in action. If you regularly buy bottled water then this clever dual tap is a great investment. It’s also sure to reduce your carbon footprint in plastic - book your FREE QUOOKER DEMO today!

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