Amazon Alexa and Home Connect | Everything You Need To Know About Voice Control

Amazon Alexa and Home Connect | Everything You Need To Know About Voice Control

Thursday 21 November 2019

Home automation is the future as far as die-hard tech-fans are concerned so Home Connect does not disappoint and is able to control most smart home devices. But when your phone’s out of reach what will you do when you need to request something crucial? Use Amazon Alexa and Home Connect, of course, read on to learn more about voice control.

A Recap on Home Connect

If you haven’t yet read our earlier post we’d recommend that you check it out but to sum things up Home Connect is an app that acts as a control hub for home automation. Things start to get really exciting when you add voice control which can manage anything from your lights to your locks so if you find the app fiddly to use you can set up a smart speaker and ask Alexa to control your gadgets.

The Difference Between Amazon Alexa and Echo Speakers

Some people can get confused with the terms that are used to market smart speakers so let’s clear things up and explain the difference between Alexa and an actual Echo. Echo is the brand that Amazon uses to market and sell its speakers. These devices are powered by Alexa, Amazon’s virtual assistant which is also very similar to Google’s Assistant. Echo speakers are additionally not the only ones you can buy that feature Alexa but considering it was developed and is regularly updated by Amazon they offer the best all-round experience.

Smart Home Devices That Support Alexa

Most major smart home devices work with Alexa to make life really simple. For instance, ask her to dim your lounge lights or change the bulb colour to make movie nights more atmospheric! Through simple voice command, Alexa will also call out to let your family know when dinner is ready. She can even ask the Home Connect app to make you a drink and switch off the oven when you’re about to eat. Some other cool things that Alexa can do is things like checking the weather. Amazon is also constantly changing and evolving the app so it’s always smarter than the day before.

How to Sync Alexa to Home Connect

To sync the Home Connect app with Amazon Alexa, you’ll first need to make sure all of your home appliances are connected already. Also, make sure your actual speaker is linked to your Amazon account which you can check via the Alexa app. Next, visit the Alexa Skill Store to search for Home Connect skills and activate with your user details. Your Home Connect appliances should all now be linked - why not test Alexa and ask for a latte?

Other Voice Assistants for Home Connect

So now you know how to use Alexa to assist with Home Connect, you’re probably curious if there are any more options to explore for your home helper. Well actually yes because after a long wait, Home Connect is now available on the Google Assistant. So you can get more done with your voice using either one and tackle those tasks hands-free.

Amazon Alexa and Home Connect Installations | A Lesson in Voice Control

We hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s post which explores home automation and voice control. We all have our hands full when it comes to running a home and so a helping hand is a welcome treat. If you’re very much interested in home automation we would love to show you a demo from our Wakefield showroom. Why not get in touch to get the ball rolling? We’ll even show you how to work the Alexa! Thanks again.

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