5 Open-Plan Kitchen Tips for More Space

5 Open-Plan Kitchen Tips for More Space

Wednesday 27 November 2019

A popular remodelling project and must-have for properties is a generous open-plan kitchen but if your home isn’t blessed in the square footage department, don’t worry we’ve got big ideas. At Twenty 5 Design, we recently helped our client convert their enclosed kitchen into open-plan living. As well as improving the space it can even boost value, read on this week for some tips to learn more.

Add a Small Extension

Adding a single-storey rear extension can totally transform your home but if this isn’t an option consider extending by only a metre or two in width. It may sound silly as it can’t be used as a room in its own right but it can, however, extend the scope and get every last inch out of that living zone.

Raise an Open-Plan Kitchen Ceiling

Raising the roof can result in more space without having to move house. In fact, a recent study has shown that high ceilings are tied to a psychological sense of freedom. If budget doesn’t allow, however, this doesn’t mean you have to feel imprisoned by your own ceilings. Simple tricks like using curtains and light coloured flooring can make the ceiling appear much higher.

Install Space Enlarging Roof Lights

Roof lights can help a narrow, small kitchen feel brighter and more inviting. This can be especially useful in older properties or extensions which have a problem with light. Due to their significant role, roof lights are also more effective than normal windows. They’re additionally the first step in bringing the outdoors in and will work hard to improve awkward corners.

Combine Indoors with Out

Indoor-outdoor living is a well-loved trend that connects the home with the garden. It’s natural to think of them both as being separate but by linking them your home will feel larger. When the exterior seamlessly connects to the house your eyes see further and the space seems endless. By losing a wall and installing Bi-folds you’ll have an open-plan kitchen that goes outside and beyond!

Design for a Beautifully Open-Plan Kitchen

When it comes to the interior scheme of a small open-plan kitchen it pays to consider this well. It’s no secret that light coloured walls open up space and set the mood for wellbeing and calm. To also avoid a kitchen that is overly cluttered, good storage will be key to the overall design. Then there are sleek kitchen appliances in place of heavyset like a downdraft extractor to save on wall space.

Considering an Open-Plan Kitchen Next Year?

Thank you for reading this week’s post which explores open-plan kitchen ideas. If you have a project in mind we’d love to help out and offer our expertise. From installing roof lights to raising the roof including all of the necessary steelwork, we can convert even the most enclosed kitchens into spacious open-plan - please get in touch to discuss a New Year project! Thanks again.

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