Quooker CUBE Wakefield | A Guide to this Innovative New Kitchen Product

Quooker CUBE Wakefield | A Guide to this Innovative New Kitchen Product

Friday 4 October 2019

Imagine a world of filtered tap water, still or sparkling, whatever your taste. It sounds too good to be true but actually it’s not thanks to the development of CUBE by Quooker. Not available on the high street but you can VIEW A FREE DEMO from October in our Wakefield showroom. Allow us to introduce the new Quooker CUBE - read on for a guide to this product.

What Exactly Is The Quooker CUBE?

Quooker is currently the market leader in boiling water taps and their latest innovation, the Quooker CUBE, offers a variety of different uses. Like with their previous products, boiling water is readily available on tap but the difference with CUBE is that you also get hot, cold, chilled filtered and sparkling water. This incredible breakthrough has caused quite a stir and we’re excited to be one of the first stockists. It’ll also eliminate the need for plastic bottles - you’ll literally never need to buy them again! The actual CUBE itself is essentially a chilling and filtering unit. It’s compatible with all Quooker taps from Oct 2017 and connects to provide fresh or sparkling water in an instant. It also sits in your kitchen cabinet underneath the sink and will be a great addition to your Quooker collection. To find out more about Quooker taps have a read of this blog post here.

The Benefits of The Quooker CUBE

If you regularly consume bottled water then you will notice a big change in an instant. The Quooker CUBE will not only lessen your grocery bills but it will significantly reduce your plastic wastage too. Dispensing an unlimited amount of filtered water, CUBE additionally makes catering for guests plain sailing. There’s also no need for clutter and additional appliances making navigating the kitchen a breeze.

Pairing CUBE With An Existing Quooker

If you’re lucky enough to already have an original Quooker tap, you can easily combine the old with the CUBE and start taking advantage of this new technology. Any systems produced after Oct 2017 will work with the Quooker CUBE but make sure to check the serial number on your original product to determine if it’s compatible.

Is It Economical and Sustainable?

There’s no doubt the CUBE is a sustainable product thanks to its reduction in plastic usage but is it cost-effective and what are we looking at in terms of usage costs? Well, according to Quooker, CO2 cylinders are just 29p per litre delivered. If you consider the average bottle of water is around 90p per litre that’s quite a big saving already. A litre of filtered water straight from the CUBE additionally costs just 3 pence. So yes this product is economical to buy and an important step forward for our beautiful planet!

Maintaining The Quooker CUBE

When it comes to maintaining the CUBE, for hygienic reasons, upkeep is very important. The filters can process 6,000 litres of water and so will need replacing every 12 months. You can order new filters from ourselves or Quooker and in addition, the fan should be cleaned once a year. You’ll know when it’s time as the CUBE will start beeping and indicate it needs some attention. Likewise with the CO2 cylinder, when the water jet slows it will also need replacing. You can easily return empties to Quooker, free of charge and order new cylinders direct from their site.

Book a Quooker CUBE DEMO in our Wakefield Showroom!

Thank you for reading our latest post to explore the new Quooker CUBE. If you’re sick of boiling the kettle and buying bottled water, this option is an absolute no brainer. At Twenty 5 Design, we’re now also geared up to show you exactly how the Quooker CUBE works so if you’d like a FREE DEMO please book an appointment to see this market leader in action! Thank you for reading.

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