From smart thermostats to bulbs and blinds, home automation is more popular than ever and the latest app to hit the tech scene is Home Connect for connected households. Dubbed as the ultimate in convenience for smart living zones, this is one app that’s set to take off. Read on for more about Home Connect, what it is and how it all works.

What is Home Connect?

Home Connect is a smart hub that consolidates all of the smart devices in your home. Control them one by one through the Home Connect app or use a voice-controlled speaker like Alexa. Household brands now associated with the app include the likes of NEFF and Siemens. The possibilities are also endless with this brand new tech, here are just some of the things it can do…

Connected Home Appliances

From cooking and baking to washing and drying, take control of your household and home appliances. With Home Connect, they’re easily arranged, saving you time and effort. If you’re out and worried the oven is on, no problem just check the app. Watching a film and want to know when the washer is done? Simply programme the lamp to switch on and off.

Intelligent Cooking and Grocery Shopping

If you love cooking and trying new dishes, Home Connect will elevate your passion. From providing inspiration to warming the oven, it’ll be like having your own kitchen junior. Then there’s the shopping app for when things run low, such as dishwasher tablets and more. Kitchen items will automatically replenish themselves using your Amazon Dash account.

Ambient Smart Home Lighting

It’s the perfect season for smart mood lighting - who doesn’t love cosy, dark nights? The app is, therefore, great for setting the scene for wintery evenings in with the family. Philips Hue is a popular line of colour-changing LED bulbs and when connected with the app they will look just the part for a smart home media centre. Alternatively, set your smart lights up to wake you on dark, cold mornings. You could even ask your bedroom blinds to automatically open so you’ll be more than ready for the day ahead.

Better Energy Management

Energy management just got easy with Home Connect’s photovoltaic system. Simply power your connected washer, fridge and oven with the energy you’ve already produced!

What Do I Need to Use Home Connect?

To use this app, all you will need is an appliance with the Home Connect functionality. Then a smart device with the Home Connect app and a working wi-fi router (a voice-controlled speaker like Alexa is optional). The app is free and can be downloaded from Apple or the Google Play Store but other than that there’s nothing else needed to get started with Home Connect.

Home Automation Wakefield | Home Connect Installations

Thank you for reading this week’s post to learn about Home Connect. It certainly makes life easy, creates a safe home and makes for a more sustainable environment. If you’d like to discuss a Home Connect installation, please get in touch and speak with our team. At Twenty 5 Design, we provide the whole package - we’ll even teach you how to work your smart devices with Alexa. Thank you for reading.

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