At Twenty 5 Design, we have a range of handles for traditional or contemporary kitchens in Yorkshire. We also cater to every taste so you’ll find a style that’s perfect for you and your home. From timeless charm to ultra-modern designs, we’ve put together a collection of hardware ideas. Read on to view a selection of favourites available from our Wakefield showroom.

Traditional Chrome Cup Handle by 1909 Kitchens

Simple and timeless, the Chrome Cup Handle is perfect for kitchens of a traditional style. It’s also a practical option with a large projection to enable ease of opening and closing. Within their range, 1909 Kitchens also have similar options in pewter and brass. All work with brand new kitchens or for brightening up old and replacing outdated hardware. They’re also not for just kitchens because these handles look great in bathrooms, bedrooms and more. Pair with another matching finish for full coordination, like the Classic Ball Cupboard Knob in chrome.

Traditional Chrome Cup Handles by 1909 Kitchens.

Contemporary Knurled Knob on a Rectangular Backplate

This contemporary handle from 1909 Kitchens is available in steel, matte black and bronze. It’s also a design inspired by everything industrial, with a tactile finish that will work in most kitchens. The brand also offers personalisation with an array of handle backplate options and this is ideal for those with contemporary homes who seek a different slant on the industrious look. If you love this handle why not check out 1909 Kitchens sleek Slab design? It’s a paired back look with a nod to Mid-century modern, a trend that emulates the fashions of the mid 20th century (roughly 1930s to the 1960s).

Modern Matte Black Handles by 1909 Kitchens.

The Classic Ball Cupboard Knob

Back to a traditional style and the Classic Ball Cupboard Knob is a handle that should provide years of dependable service. It’s also highly adaptable for most kitchen styles including rustic, modern and eclectic. The handle design itself features a ring detail which is created using solid brass. It’s also incredibly hardwearing and available in two different finishes - polished chrome and polished nickel. Again this handle is not just for kitchens, feel free to use throughout your home for matching storage. It’s traditional but it’s modern, it’s a hardware chameleon and it’s definitely one of our favourites.

Adaptable Kitchen Hardware by 1909 Kitchens.

Contemporary Handles Without The Hardware

Now if purely modern’s your thing, Next125 have some different options for handless units. Tip-On works with a light press of the hand, even your knee can do it if your hands are full. The Single Line, on the other hand, works with the opening system of Tip-On but it features a clear design style with harmonious lines which results in a kitchen of aesthetic appeal. If you’re also looking for something a bit different to the standard handless door, Surface-flush Hinged Handles are an absolute revelation. This Next125 innovation enables easy kitchen operation and this is all without disturbing the clean lines of the units - Bauhaus architecture at its best.

Surface-flush Hinged Handles by Next125.

Traditional or Contemporary Kitchens Yorkshire | Hardware to Suit Every Taste

Thank you for reading this week’s post to explore our kitchen hardware and it doesn’t end here, at Twenty 5 Design, we have an array of handles in all shapes and sizes. Whether you’re a traditionalist or like to follow new trends, we have hardware that will compliment your kitchen design. From retro-look handles to fashionable pewter, the finishing touches are the exciting bit…

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