Mans best friend is an absolute joy - most of the time anyway, in fact, we have over 50 million pets across the UK making us a nation of animal lovers. This means our homes should reflect our furry residents and be a harmonious place to live because there’s nothing quite better than returning from work to the excitement of happy paws! So if you’re a pet owner and thinking of making some improvements to your home, read on this week as we look at how to create beautiful, pet-friendly kitchens.

Pet-Friendly Kitchens Need Safe Appliances

When it comes to animal safety within the kitchen, a great place to start is with appliances. NEFF and Miele both offer ways to cluster ‘hot gadgets’ keeping ovens and microwaves all in one place. An induction hob with downdraft extractor will also be much safer than the traditional type and it reduces the risk for curious cats who are known for their wandering habits. Pint-sized pets on the other hand, like house rabbits or even new puppies, cannot resist the urge to chew which is completely dangerous in a kitchen environment. Tackle this problem by making sure all kitchen gadgets are always unplugged. You could even invest in some additional storage so appliances have a place to live too…

Savvy Storage for Snacks and Sharps

Garlic, onion, chives and chocolate are really harmful to cats and dogs so keep curious tongues away from temptation by properly planning your kitchen storage. Push to open pantries also work well, if you have a clever little pet on your hands. Handleless units will make it almost impossible for any naughtiness when you’re not looking. You could even replace your standalone bin with a specially made unit that’s hidden away. Schuller’s ergonomic drawers also come with cutlery inserts for safely storing away kitchen knives.

Pet-Friendly Kitchens Command Wise Interiors

Finally, when it comes to pet-friendly kitchens, you’ll want to consider what is easy to keep clean. High gloss cabinets work well as does reliable, hard-wearing Amtico flooring. Waterproof paint for the walls is also a must if your kitchen is the ‘boot room’ after a walk and likewise forget any delicate china that is easily smashed - you just know they’re going to shake it off. Last but not least, you’ll want to ensure your design stands the test of time and if there’s one thing for certain with your new high-grade kitchen, it’ll ride out most things your companion throws at it.

Pet-Friendly Kitchens with Twenty 5 Design

Thank you for reading our post for some tips on how to pet-proof your kitchen. With the crucial stuff now out of the way, you’ll just need to choose your purr-fect style. Thankfully from our Wakefield showroom, we can design a kitchen to suit every home so whether traditionally classic or modern and sleek, you’ll love your new look until the cows come home - thank you for reading!

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