Say Hello to Allermuir…

At Twenty 5 Design, we now have a range of designer kitchen chairs and stools in store. We are, therefore, thrilled to introduce Allermuir, a collection of stunning and designer creations. Anything but ordinary this standout brand sets the tone for contemporary homes and since the 1970’s they’ve become a worldwide favourite with designers and specifiers alike. From designer kitchen chairs to stylish stools, our showroom now offers some innovative ideas so read on this week for style with substance, here’s more about Allermuir…

Designer Kitchen Chairs and Stools in Wakefield

Whether crafted from plastic, metal or wood, these chairs and stools will add spirit to any dining table. They’ll also spark chatter with guests as they admire your new space from a comfortable pew with a view. If you’re also looking for furniture that has a strong identity and what will flatter your new kitchen design, Allermuir brings finishing products that are not only stylish but they are a joy to sit in too. Currently available in our Wakefield showroom, we have a couple of options to see - please drop us a message or pop in for more info on the Axyl chair or Jojo stool.

A Collection Made From Recycled Materials

Bringing a sustainable vibe to any new kitchen, one chair, in particular, has been made to impress. Designer Benjamin Hubert has created The Axyl Collection which is made entirely from recycled materials. The design itself comprises of recycled wood fibre and aluminium for the frame of the chair. It also uses just 5% of the energy needed to create new aluminium and was officially launched during 2017’s London Design Festival.

Other Finishing Products For Designer Kitchens

As well as stools and chairs, at Twenty Design, we have other finishing products for designer kitchens. This is things like tables, convenient storage and even ways to elevate potted plants. Available in varying sizes, the Turo table is simple yet stylish for everyday use. Likewise, the Axyl table is exceptionally robust for social gatherings or larger families.

Maintenance, Cleaning and Warranty

In terms of maintaining designer kitchen chairs and stools, Allermuir has you covered. The brand offers helpful care and cleaning advice that even covers the seating upholstery. Warranty, on the other hand, starts from three years and goes up to a reasonable five. This includes stacking chairs, metal chair frames and components including controls and adjustment mechanisms.

Designer Kitchen Chairs and Stools in Wakefield - View in Store

Thank you for reading this week’s post for more on our Allermuir range. If you’re in the market for kitchen chairs and stools, why not call in store and view our new collection. With a kitchen design consultation that’s personalised to you, you’ll also be able to see your new look before it’s even created! So please get in touch or pop in for more info for a designer kitchen that’s anything but ordinary - thank you for reading.

Call in-store to view the Axyl range and other kitchen chairs and stools.

Call in-store to view the Jojo range and other kitchen chairs and stools.

View the Axyl range in our kitchen showroom for design that utilises recycled materials.