If you’re looking to move up the property ladder by making some changes to your home, we’ve put together this handy guide which covers simple tweaks to full remodels. So if you’re not sure what adds value and what does not when it comes to home renovations in Yorkshire, read this week’s post to find out more and ensure you get the best return.

Convert the Loft and Add a Bedroom

First and foremost with property value, try and create that extra bedroom because this will forever appeal to buyers with 3 being the magic number. If you can also make use of an attic then this would work great for an additional room. According to Sell House Fast, it’s a terrific investment, adding an average of £23,754.57 to the overall property value. Normally loft conversions also don’t require consent but it’s always worth checking with local planning. You could even divide up the space by adding in walls for a bedroom come walk-in wardrobe.

Replace Windows

Double-glazing is now considered essential to anyone buying a house so by installing new PVC windows, you’ll not only add value but you’ll cut your energy bills too. Be careful, however, if you have a period home, you could end up actually decreasing its value instead. For most listed buildings, plastic is not an acceptable window replacement.

Revamp the Kitchen

A clean, spacious kitchen is attractive to both home buyers and surveyors alike. It also helps them to visualise ‘what could be’ and the good times they could have in your home. So before making some changes, you’ll need to consider exactly how you’ll achieve just that. If your budget is small, minor tweaks may help like replacing cupboard doors and worktops. Very often, however, a full kitchen remodel will have a bigger impact on property value. Take the below image, for instance, by 1909 Kitchens - it’s storm blue presence could seal the deal.

Add or Update the Bathroom

Adding a bathroom is often a great investment, especially if it creates an en suite for the master bedroom. They can also be achieved by overhauling the existing space or extending it as necessary. If you can’t add a new bathroom try a home makeover to obtain that value-adding wow-factor and make sure at least one bathroom has a new-ish shower - an essential for most modern buyers. When it comes to adding value with bathroom decor, neutral shades will go a long way. Then pair LED spotlights with illuminated mirrors for that touch of personal luxury.

Home Renovations Yorkshire to Improve Existing Layout

If you’re a big fan of open-plan living, it’s actually one of the best ways to boost home value. It also maximises space and brings people together with three main rooms as one. Before you consider changing the layout and floorplan of your home, draw up a simple sketch of how it is now and play about by changing walls. Fewer, larger rooms will make the house seem bigger, especially if the flooring is the same throughout. It’s also a renovation that could potentially add between £5,800 and £48,500 to the value of an average home.

Thank you for reading our post and learning how to add value to your home - look no further than Twenty 5 Design for renovations, remodels and revivals. Even if you’re not currently looking to sell your home, it still pays to do your homework on beneficial enhancements, so please get in touch if you need more advice on structural or cosmetic upgrades. Thank you for reading.

Enjoy an improved property and a boost in value with our home renovations in Yorkshire.