Having been forever popular in warmer climes like Australia, the trend for alfresco cooking is slowly starting to rise in the UK. So if you’re a keen cook who loves to entertain, an outdoor kitchen should be right up your street and luckily at Twenty 5 Design, we’ve just the thing for an indoor-outdoor look.

Dekton® is a popular brand of ultracompact surface and their colour match tiles give a harmonious feel from internal worktops to external flooring. If this sounds ideal and you’d like to know more about how to make alfresco cooking accessible, here we explore how Dekton® can reimagine your kitchen and barbecue stations.

What is Dekton®?

First Cosentino brought us Silestone and next they launched Dekton® too. This global manufacturer of stone surfaces has created a brand well-known for its glass, quartz and porcelain finishes. Using ‘Sinterized Particle Technology’ which helps to eliminate micro-defects on surfaces, Dekton® is steadily becoming very sought-after for its versatility and impeccable appearance. The brand also offers various colours and finishes with a high strength and UV resistance. All products are, therefore, suitable for both inside and out, making them a firm favourite for outdoor living.

Outdoor Kitchens That Mirror Indoors

Rustling up dinner in the kitchen is gratifying but it’s so much better when it’s in the sun. Dekton® can, therefore, provide structures for such activities including outdoor worktops that match the indoors. Dekton® surfaces are also capable of withstanding high cooking temperatures and even an accidental smattering of balsamic vinegar won’t jeopardise the worktop’s appearance. They’ll also give your alfresco area undeniable character and provide a summer of garden socials so pour the Aperols out and let’s move on to co-ordinated Dekton® flooring.

Colour Match Tiles For Continuous Flooring

Dekton® flooring is great for areas that have a requirement for high performance. It’s, therefore, the perfect solution for open-plan kitchens that seamlessly flow outdoors. Simply use Dekton® colour match tiles that also coordinate with an outdoor kitchen area. Using for both inside and out will create a wholesome scheme that presents a neverending impact. This type of flooring can also cover quite a large area, which is why it needs to tick all the boxes. Dekton® colour match tiles provide hard-wearing flooring that is low-maintenance and easy to clean.

The Natural and Industrial Collections by Dekton®

Dekton® presents some lovely finishes but the Industrial and Natural collections stand out. Both ranges also offer various options that enhance any surface whether for indoor or outdoor use. The Industrial Collection has a ‘pure street style’, imitating concrete and urban cement. On the other hand, the Natural Collection represents the best of nature in all its balanced glory.

Embrace Outdoor Kitchens for Alfresco Cooking with the Dekton® Collection

Thank you for reading this week’s post exploring Dekton® colour match tiles. It’s an excellent material for a host of applications especially outdoor kitchens, barbecues and terraces. If you dream of cooking up a summer-storm, please get in touch to make your outdoor kitchen a reality. You may also, however, require some form of canopy judging by the amount of rain we keep having! Thank you for reading…

Outdoor Kitchens for Alfresco Cooking with the Dekton® Collection.