KRION® Solid Surface is a new hard-wearing material from Porcelanosa Group. With over 400 cutting-edge showrooms from Madrid to New York, they know a thing or two about innovation. So when we recently heard about this brand new surface we were keen to educate ourselves and this week we’d love to teach you too, read on to find out more.

What is KRION® Solid Surface?

KRION® is a new generation of solid surface developed by SYSTEMPOOL. It’s also made of two-thirds natural minerals (ATH – Alumina Trihydrate) with a low percentage of high-resistance resins. Similar to organic stone, KRION® is also a material that is surprisingly warm to the touch. It additionally has no pores and is anti-bacterial making it another great solution for worktops. If you’re also curious about the difference between KRION® and Corian®, we’ll explore this point shortly but first of all, here’s more about kitchen worktops…

KRION® Solid Surface Kitchen Worktops

Like quartz and granite, KRION® solid surface can be used in multiple ways but in this post, we’ll focus on why it’s so great for new kitchen worktops. KRION® is a lightweight material and is less dense than most other surfaces. This makes it easier to handle than natural marble or high-performance quartz and granite. KRION® sheets can be bonded together to make all sorts of wonderful shapes and sizes. It’s additionally resistant to impact and available in most colours, including a white that is incredibly pure.

Is it Easy to Clean and Maintain?

Similar to natural stone, KRION® is ideal for the creation of countertops. Its non-porous material stops liquids from soaking in and it prevents a build-up of nasty bacteria. It’s, therefore, incredibly hygienic and easy to clean, even stubborn marks like burns or pen. Simply follow the recommended instructions whilst cleaning the surface for it to return to its former glory.

Other Benefits of KRION® Solid Surface

Highly resistant to fire, KRION® is considered to be practically fireproof. In fact, it would stop a fire from spreading and is therefore highly rated in accordance with the Euroclass system. Any product made of KRION® can also be reprocessed making it 100% recyclable. It’s also capable of withstanding extreme environments such as exposure to steam - great for when dinnertimes get a bit crazy.

Corian® vs KRION® Solid Surface

So now we’re onto the burning question, which is better Corian® or KRION®? Actually, they’re both very good products and are considered the best in the surfaces industry. Both are made by reputable brands, Porcelanosa and DuPont® and offer many different possibilities in the way of design. They’re also both so much better than ‘cheaper’ alternatives that give a plasticky feel and can scratch.

A New Breed of Worktop for Kitchens Leeds

Thank you for reading this week’s post which explores this new breed of kitchen worktop. If we can help with your KRION® or Corian® project, we would love you to get in touch. Just recently we completed a project for a client that opted for a kitchen of KRION® surfaces. All worktops were seamlessly made and installed with matt glass doors - stay tuned for the finished result!

Kitchens Leeds | What is KRION® Solid Surface?