If you’re looking for a way to improve your home we offer a full interior design service but did you also know that at Twenty 5 Design, we can help with building work too? Our full home renovations in Wakefield mean we can makeover your home from the lounge to the loft and windows are also a big part of this should they need replacing too. But how do you know when it’s time to say goodbye to your old windows? Here are 5 reasons why they may need to be changed and why it’s so great for home improvements.

You Crave More Peace and Quiet

Windows are something we don’t often consider but their impact can be rather significant. Maybe you can hear the sound of the main road nearby and perhaps it’s affecting your sleep? If you’ve lived in a busy area for quite some time, maybe you’ve even accepted this constant noise but it could potentially put off any new buyers should you come to sell your home. A simple solution? Replace your windows with versions manufactured to reduce noise. Their sound-proofing qualities will dull the outside so you’ll enjoy more peace and quiet.

Rocketing Energy Bills

If you’ve been living with single glazing or poor quality double-glazing you might be used to sky-high energy bills but consider replacing and you could see a dramatic reduction in these. According to the Energy Saving Trust, you could save up to £115 per year. This is by simply changing ineffective windows and means less draughts and cold spots.

You Need Improved Functionality

As they get older windows become more difficult to open and close. Hardware can break and frames can rot which all leads to a loss of performance. Advances in window technology mean, as a whole, they now function so much better. So you can enjoy effortless opening and closing of windows - all in all, a smooth operator.

Condensation is Blocking Your View

Over their lifespan windows can become hazy due to a buildup of excess moisture so if you’re more focused on this rather than the view now is the time to upgrade. Any fogging between two panes of glass is a sign that the window seal has failed and it’ll only get worse as time goes on - our advice is to give it some immediate attention.

You Wish To Improve Your Home’s Appearance

Upgrading your windows can be a big deal if it’s a stand-alone project so don’t overlook replacing them if you're having some home renovations. Perhaps you’d like a kitchen extension complete with some bi-fold doors? Well updating your windows at the same time, will save any upheaval later. Modern UPVC versions also make them virtually maintenance-free and they will work to give your whole house a face-lift - what could be more appealing?

Home Renovations Wakefield; Bi-folds, Windows and So Much More!

At Twenty 5 Design, we specialise in home renovations in Wakefield and this not only includes any structural changes but windows and stone mullion work too. In fact, one of our recent projects featured bi-folds, an increasingly popular choice and the beauty of these is that they allow for more light and they bring the outside inside too.

If you’d like to discuss new windows and doors or find out if stylish bi-folds are for you, please get in touch with our remodelling team to discuss our classic and contemporary products.

Windows to let the outside in.

Or why not try attractive VELUX skylights?

One of our many Kitchen Extensions with Bi-fold doors included.