For many, the kitchen is a creative hub and where we naturally gravitate to. It’s where we cook, do crafts and help with homework, not to mention hosting guests. So as far as colour is concerned, it’s a room you can afford to experiment with and there’s additionally many mood-boosting benefits of vibrant shades like yellow and cheerful pink. If you’d love a bold kitchen but are totally stuck and could do with some inspiration, to help get you started here’s 7 ideas, all adventurous in their own way.

1. True Blue

For a kitchen environment that’s wholly calming, opt for a classic shade of blue. Schuller’s Aqua blue satin is totally this season and also timeless in its design. This choice of kitchen colour will also provide a healthy dose of joyful mood but if it’s not for you then play it down with an alternative like marine blue. This inkier shade is a popular choice for current kitchen design. It also opens the space and feels more formal, especially when paired with white.

2. Salmon Pink

Another winner from Schuller this gorgeous hue is from the brands Pastel rosé satin range. It’s an upbeat coral that will appear as though your kitchen is on a permanent holiday. Tone down the pink and add matte black if you’re afraid of going over the top, then simply include rattan and other organic materials for a quirky and unique kitchen.

3. Claret Red

Another bold shade that works well with black is reminiscent of red wine. Claret or burgundy, whatever your choice, go glam with reds in high-gloss. This robust colour oozes poise and is definitely one for the grown-ups. Pair with matte black cabinetry to balance deep reds and pump things up to the next level.

4. All Matte Black

When paired with colour matte black works well but by itself, it’s another tale. Schuller’s stunning glass matte lava black style of kitchen is much racier than you’d expect. To make a bold statement, pair with natural worktops such as oak for added warmth and a built-in herb garden will add a pop of colour - plant life is always in fashion!

5. Mellow Yellow

Yellow in a kitchen may seem daunting but trust us it does work well. Yellow-glazed walls can mimic sunshine and change your perception of the whole space. If it’s also your favourite shade we have a tip to achieve unbeatable individuality. Pair vibrant walls with sober-looking units such as Schuller’s Concrete quartz effect in grey.

6. Viridescent Green

A word of advice, green is a colour that is inherently difficult to work with. One wrong move and you’ll hate the whole thing so it pays to properly plan with this palette. Schuller’s Moss green satin is definitely one for the bold (pictured), providing more than just a splash of colour. It’s also a shade loved by the stars including Cameron Diaz, why not check out her green kitchen here?

7. Try Colour Blocking Brilliance

If you have no fear of daring hues and like the idea of mixing them up, then why not try brave colour blocking for your kitchen walls and finishes? A technique that involves pairing two or more colours that are bold even by themselves, colour blocking can be also achieved using contrasting cabinets and tops.

Discover Bold Kitchen Design In Our Wakefield Showroom

Thank you for reading this week’s post exploring vibrant kitchen ideas. At Twenty 5 Design, we adore the brazen and would encourage you to be undaunted by colour. As you can see from the above photos our client was not afraid to express themselves and it makes for a kitchen that truly allows their personality to shine through.

If you’d like to discuss any of the designs we have mentioned in this blog post, please get in touch and remember the best-looking colour is the one that looks good in your kitchen!