Next week at Twenty 5 Design, we’re celebrating 12 grand years in business! Tuesday the 16th of July marks an important milestone and over a decade of bringing interiors to life. In no particular order, we’d like to share some highlights of projects from over the years. Renovations that have changed and improved lives through well-balanced and thought-out design.

From super bright kitchens to stylish bathrooms, our projects are certainly a mixed bag. So read on this week for 12 brilliant years of home remodels by Twenty 5 Design.

A Stunning Contemporary Kitchen

One of our oldest projects dating back all the way to 2008, we’re sure you’ll agree this kitchen is still just as stylish as it was back then. Home to Mrs Higgins who struggled to find ideas with many of the big-name brands, she approached our team who instantly shared her vision to create a stunning new space. Mrs Higgins even took a holiday to Australia whilst her home remodel was well underway. This demonstrates the faith that our clients have in our team, they know that they’re in safe hands.

A Stunning Contemporary Kitchen.

A Kitchen That Took Design To Lofty New Heights

As our client discovered a new kitchen needs storage and you make the most of the walls but if your ceilings are high then it’s also important that the space is user-friendly. Which is when our team came up with the idea of using clever library ladders. Now our client can use every single one of their cupboards, even the ones that are up in the eaves.

A Kitchen That Took Design To Lofty New Heights.

A Beautifully Styled Full Home Remodel

First of all, we’d like to start by thanking our client Luisa. A project that started with a grey and pink kitchen then led upstairs, we completed this home from bottom to top. Here’s a sneak preview of this project in the bathroom, kitchen and lounge but if you’d like to know more you can read our post; A Home Renovation Case Study.

A Beautifully Styled Full Home Remodel.

A Kitchen Design Classic

A blast from the past this traditional kitchen belongs to Mr & Mrs Brearle. Located in Huddersfield, Yorkshire it’s a 1909 kitchen featuring contrasting oak for a homely touch. In fact, such a success was this beautiful kitchen, it starred in a Real Homes' 'Don't Move, Improve' feature. This is all thanks to a great affinity between our team and our client to ensure that the kitchen remained timeless.

A Kitchen Design Classic.

An Elegant Storage Solution

Not just kitchens, at Twenty 5 Design, we offer expert storage solutions and when our clients decided that they needed more we knew just what to do. Creating the ultimate makeover in their living room we fitted a new and bespoke living room unit. It was also designed and handcrafted in wood by our team; an elegantly superb result.

An Elegant Storage Solution.

A Kitchen of Tangerine Dreams

The stuff of tangerine dreams this gorgeous design belongs to Mr and Mrs Tomlinson. Featuring bright orange splashbacks with taupe kitchen units you sure don’t need coffee in the morning in here. From design to completion we styled this new kitchen, installing high-end appliances like a wine fridge. Our clients chose everything themselves which is also key to our service, we like you to decide on your own finishing touches.

A Kitchen of Tangerine Dreams.

A 15th Century Transformation

Shrewsbury in Shropshire is home to this magnificent kitchen makeover. A former schoolhouse dating back to the 15th century it was clear our clients were struggling with a lack of light. Providing a pop of colour in twinkling teal our clients are now proud owners of a bright new kitchen. Stylish feature lighting also hangs over the central kitchen island breathing life into this room once more.

A 15th Century Transformation.

A Kitchen With a Zest For Life

Nothing says summer like a splash of colour especially in lemon or lime so when our Huddersfield client approached our team we were excited by her adventurous vision. Handleless units and clean lines are set off superb with lime green splashbacks and breakfast bar. Lemon yellow chairs line an island that boasts NEFF hobs - a truly breathtaking remodel.

A Kitchen With a Zest For Life.

A His & Hers Walnut Bathroom

His & Hers bathrooms are back with a bang in this ever so stylish bathroom. A complete makeover it featured a waterproof TV, ornamental bath and warm stone flooring. But the showstopper has to be the contrasting units in a gorgeous deep walnut finish. Needless to say, our customer was thrilled and blown away by the finished results.

A His & Hers Walnut Bathroom.

Duck Egg Blue with Modern Matt Black

One of our recent projects featured glass black doors from our next125 range. Paired with duck egg blue it’s a stark contrast and creates a kitchen of unique interest. If you’re looking for something that little bit different, try pairing together two colours of kitchen units. Who’d have thought this would work but it clearly does and as you can see the result is gorgeous.

Duck Egg Blue with Modern Matt Black.

A Splash of Apricot by next125

Another client that just loves burnished, vibrant orange and what a result with this new kitchen by industry leaders next125. A recent project this ultra-modern kitchen was a stone grey glass design. It’s also truly set off by the exquisite apricot glass splashbacks. At Twenty 5 Design, did you also know, you can order your splashbacks in any colour? So don’t be afraid to try something new, once you go brave you will never go back.

A Splash of Apricot by next125.

A Flowing Open-Plan Kitchen Design

Another one of our recent kitchens for Mexborough builders, Terry Huggett Developments, this open plan kitchen is awash with space, clean lines and contrasting shades. It makes the ultimate space for open-concept living and we’re sure you’ll agree of its appealing charm. In the words of Terry, if you have a dream, build it and you can with Twenty 5 Design.

A Flowing Open-Plan Kitchen Design.

Here’s to 12 More Years of Award-Winning Home Remodels

Thank for reading this week’s post, a special on our wonderful projects. It has been an absolute pleasure to be involved with them all and we’d like to thank our clients again for the opportunity. We know the next few years will be just as exciting with our service more creative than ever before! So here’s to another 12 years of home remodels and projects to be immensely proud of. Thank you for reading.