Fast approaching is the launch of Siemens’ studioLine aCool range. A line of fridges and freezers that are larger than ever at a whopping 760mm wide! Bigger, better, with more room for feta and other grocery essentials, read on for more about this range in this week’s spotlight post…

Cool Design That Makes a Statement

The aCool is the perfect mix of performance and luxury cooling. It’s also designed to make a statement and the brand makes it easy to combine their products without any restrictions. Thanks to its modular nature, the aCool range offers twelve bespoke combinations so create a personal touch with stunning wine coolers and side-by-side fridges and freezers. Having the power to impress, according to Siemens, has never actually been so easy. For instance, here’s a guide to choosing your combo of exclusive cooling appliances.

A Guide to Choosing Your Cooling Appliances

Step 1 - Select your appliances, those that match your ideal and needs the most. Much of the studioLine range features exquisite design with intelligent cooling and freezing technology.

Step 2 - Next it’s time to choose the front that most expresses your style and vision. High-end stainless steel will make an instant impression or why not consider wood for a warming feel? Each and every front of the aCool line is precisely aligned with your kitchen cabinets so all you’ll need to do now is choose complimentary handles that show off your new appliances to a T.

Step 3 - When it comes to choosing kitchen handles, opt for what fits your personality. High-grade handles will dress to impress but integrated will achieve a more seamless look. If you’ve also planned out your other kitchen handles, it’s probably wise that you opt for the same. Consolidating the look with unified handles and fronts, no two kitchens will ever be the same again.

Other Features of studioLine aCool

Clever ideas and ingenious cooling technologies are what sets Siemens apart from the rest. Their impressive models also promise the utmost in freshness from built-in fridges to wine coolers and freezers. The refrigeration appliances of the future are here today and packed full of ultra-modern features. This also includes hyperFresh and iSensoric technology to maximise freshness and taste.

Revolutionary Freezing and Refrigeration

When we compare this new size of kitchen appliance to the standard 600mm built-in version, it’s clear that bigger is better and this is a revolutionary move made by the experts at Siemens.

If you would like to be one of the first to view our whopping 760mm wide aCool line, this elegant and functional range is due to hit our showroom this July. From our smallest built-in refrigerator to our most impressive side-by-side models, all will bring you the freshness your groceries deserve and flexibility when planning your kitchen. Thank you for reading.

Larger Than Ever - Built In Siemens 760mm Fridges & Freezers | Wakefield, Leeds, Yorkshire