Every connoisseur knows a good bottle of wine deserves appreciation with good storage. After all, what’s worse than balancing bottles on food or cluttering worktops? So this week we’re exploring kitchen wine rack ideas for those who love a nice tipple. Read on for more as we explore some excellent ways to store your wine.

Miele Wine Fridges and SommelierSet

Miele brings a grand selection of tasteful looking fridges. They know the enjoyment of wine begins with the type and how it looks when it is stored. Practical connoisseur's, this one is also for you, the SommelierSet exclusively from Miele. With this equipment, you can prepare fine wines for decanting and enjoy champagne and white wine from chilled glasses.

Siemens CoolModul Premium Series

Siemens’ built-in wine cabinet is from the brand’s CoolModul premium series. Featuring glass doors that benefit from UV filters, your wine will be protected from UV damage. Now what’s really impressive about this product is that it can store both red and white wine. Featuring two independently controlled temperature zones you can now store your Malbec along with your Marlborough.

Caple’s Wine Cabinets for Decadent Storage

Caple understands the importance of storing wine to ensure it’s at its drinking best. Their wine cabinets, therefore, offer optimum temperature with UV-proof glass and the right humidity. A dedicated space for storing wine may seem pretty decadent to some but when you see the products presented by Caple, you’ll see the vital role they’ll have to play in your kitchen.

Integrated Ice Buckets For Kitchen Countertops

We briefly touched on ice buckets in one of our recent blog posts but gosh they’re cool and something you need if you’re always the one hosting the parties. Dual ice buckets are also handy for storing other types of drinks on ice. Simply use the other side for garnishes like sprigs of ginger, limes and lemons.

Library Ladders for Malbec and Shiraz

Moving onto the reds that obviously don’t need chilling and for this, we have clever storage. If your cabinets are high have you ever considered using library ladders to access items? Simply store your wine above your kitchen in one of our bespoke wine racks. Then access your merlot, claret or pinot using versatile library ladders.

Under Cabinet Kitchen Drawers

Ever thought about making use of the space below your kitchen cabinets? Well, here’s an idea, toe kick drawers! As a make-shift mini wine cellar. It keeps wine accessible and out of sight, especially if you don’t have room for above cabinet storage. Toe Kick Drawer, Plinth Pods, whatever you wish to call them, either way, they’re an ingenious method of storing red wine.

Kitchen Wine Rack Ideas and More in Our Wakefield Interiors Showroom

Thank you for reading this week’s post for stylish ideas on how to store wine. Whether you like the idea of library ladders or are tempted by the fully equipped wine cooler, all are an attractive way to keep a few choice bottles within reach.

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