Making a room without windows feel large and spacious is one of the biggest design challenges. The lack of light can leave a space feeling dark and often it’s reserved for storage. But what if we said we could magic up an extra bedroom or home office? Here’s how to brighten even the dingiest of rooms for a space that you’ll love to be in.

Choose Lighting Wisely

When it comes to the lighting of any room, artificial is often crucial. But it’s especially vital in a space that lacks natural light from multiple windows. Not only that but you need to ensure you choose the right type of lighting and placement. A chandelier would look fab for ambient lighting but would it brighten your room sufficiently? Where it’s needed task lighting is also useful, to increase the brightness of any activity i.e. brushing your teeth or preparing meals and let’s not forget those all-important corners to illuminate nooks and crannies.

A Whiter Shade of Pale

For a room without windows, one of the best things you can do is opt for a natural palette. So stay away from rich tones and instead embrace colours like ivory, white and cream. Reflecting the artificial light you have chosen for the room, these colours will make walls feel taller and wider. Alternatively, pastels like sky blue or delicate lilac also work for a softer, brighter look.

Use Natural Elements

Incorporating plants and flowers when decorating a room can often compensate for a lack of light. Just be aware, however, you’ll need to choose greenery that can withstand such low room lighting. When dressing a room, opt for a coffee table centrepiece or why not line a bookshelf with luscious ferns? Bold coloured blooms are additionally plush and will inject a new lease of life into a dark room.

Fake the Look of Windows With Mirrors

While a light coloured wall can brighten a room what we really need is some shine. Reflective surfaces that amplify light and help to bounce it around the space. Mirrors are, therefore, an obvious option and can also appear as a window-like feature. They’re also available in a variety of styles and colours but a pale shade of frame will definitely feel airy. To make the most of your windowless room, place a mirror opposite a lamp or fixture. Furniture that also has a mirrored effect is guaranteed to make your space feel larger.

Or Install Some Windows For Real!

It may sound simple but have you considered brightening a room with brand new windows? Because why should you settle for dark and dreary when you could enjoy broad natural daylight? At Twenty 5 Design, we have the experience of installing new windows and doors and this includes stylish bi-folds and Velux roof lights that will add the wow factor to any home.

Award-Winning Interior Design Yorkshire for Bright and Beautiful Homes

If banishing shadows sounds ideal and natural light certainly more appealing, speak to our team to find out more and let’s talk wonderful windows. Whether 1 or 2 rooms or a full remodel, we provide award-winning interior design in Yorkshire. So light up your life and your home with an upgrade by Twenty 5 Design! Thank you for reading.

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