Thanks to the induction hob with downdraft extractor, mealtimes just got epic and if you’ve never even heard of this product before allow us to start from the very beginning…

Induction Cooking Explained

Cooking with an induction hob is different from any other hob on the market and it works by using a magnetic field, heating the base of the pan and not the surface. The beauty of this is that it’s more efficient, taking one step out of the cooking process. With the hob ring staying cool there’s also no risk of burning your fingers by accident.

So What is An Induction Hob With Downdraft Extractor?

Where it gets better is what comes next, an induction hob with integrated extractor. A smart choice for kitchens, it has plenty more perks than the traditional non-vented version. First, there’s no need to install a hood as you normally would for cooking odours. Instead, the downdraft extractor does all of the work and right from your hobs centre. It works by drawing steam and fat away from your pans, sending them down a central or side cavity. A plasma filter then converts any odours and bacteria into clean fresh air.

The Benefits of An Induction Hob with Downdraft Extractor

Proving extremely popular, this two in one product meets the sleekness of broken plan kitchens. It’s also great for small spaces with its pared-back design and ever so quiet performance. If you’re additionally worried about grease getting down the grill that is on the hob, Miele’s TwoInOne model, for instance, features a container to protect the components. An induction hob with downdraft extractor also offers you flexibility. They’re easy to use with everything in the one place and they make for a pleasant environment. Thanks to the compact design of the extractor itself, it won’t actually take up much unit space. This means you’ll still have room for drawers to house those all-important kitchen essentials. What’s more, when we look at the models available, we’re spoilt for choice with their capabilities. So there’s no doubt to us, you’ll enjoy more cooking and impressing your dinner guests!

Cleaning and Maintaining Your Hob

Caring for an induction hob with downdraft extractor is relatively very simple. Most varieties come with removable filters that are dishwasher safe and easy to clean. The completely smooth surface also helps should you need to wipe splashes when cooking a meal. It’s simple, sped up and wholly convenient - you could say good clean fun.

Discover Brighter Better Cooking

The Government’s Committee on Climate Change recommends no new homes are connected to the mains gas grid by 2025. According to Houzz, however, we’re already switching with 41% of homeowners now including an induction hob as part of their kitchen renovation. And why ever not with plenty of choice from the likes of both Caple and Miele? NEFF’s FlexInduction is also a winner, enjoying five-star reviews online.

Thank you for reading our latest post exploring this new kitchen tech. There’s no doubt that we’re craving more freedom in the kitchen and with this, anything is possible. If you would like to view a complimentary demo of any of the products we have mentioned in this post, we invite you to visit our Wakefield showroom and see them for yourself in action. Thank you for reading.

Miele’s TwoInOne model for better kitchen freedom.