At Twenty 5 Design, we specialise in home renovations in Wakefield and we often get asked how to make a house feel brighter and incredibly roomy. There are many benefits of natural light such as improved health and enhanced space so if you’d like to flood your home with more, here are 5 ways to do it well.

White and Bright Interiors

When it comes to making the most of light, one great way to start is with the interior. This is things like walls and floors that act as stylish light-friendly reflectors. In terms of internal walls, neutral is safe, like a palette of alabaster white and painting the ceiling two shades lighter will create the illusion of more height. Ceramic or stone is also great for the floors, especially in a polished finish and when it comes to the kitchen, go glossy and white with shiny worktops that enlarge the space.

Breathtaking Bi-Fold Doors

With summer upon us, it’s the perfect time to make the most of outdoor space and bi-fold doors are a really great choice for the ultimate in brightness levels. Offering more useable space and easier outside access with custom fold configurations, you can count on bi-folds for increased light and breath-taking views of the garden.

Lighter Brighter Windows

Windows that are glazed to a low height can make a room feel dark and small so opt for full height to dramatically increase the amount of light allowed into a room. At Twenty 5 Design, we can certainly ensure your new windows achieve just that. For instance, the Clerestory style is a fantastic option - a high-level strip of windows that diffuses the light.

Roof Lights

Residential roof lights are fast becoming popular for pitched or flat roofs. Transforming the home, they can improve your health and help reduce electricity bills. They also improve ventilation and fresh air in the home whilst providing a certain amount of privacy and best of all, they allow for more natural light, banishing dark spots forever!

Sun Tunnels

If roof lights are a non-starter due to budgetary constraints, sun tunnels are a clever invention and relatively quick to install. Basically a funnel of light that comes down from the roof through a specially designed pipe, sun tunnels are a brilliant way of getting more sunlight into a room. One downside is, you don’t get a direct view of the sky but they are less expensive to install than roof lights. They also look pretty cool and make a great focal point whilst transferring the light in from outside.

Flood Your Home With Natural Light With Our Home Renovations Wakefield

Banish dark corners forever with our home renovations in Wakefield and the surrounding areas. A must-have for most, this can be easily done, whether new windows, roof lights or bi-folds. At Twenty 5 Design, we recently did a project that literally opened it’s doors to more! After a contractor setback, we were able to step in, providing our client with new windows and doors. Our client was over the moon that we had saved the day and brightened their home in the process. And this goes to show that we are more than just kitchens, we do renovations that make homes happy.

Home Renovations Wakefield | 5 Ways To Bring More Natural Light into Your Home.