These past few months at Twenty 5 Design, have been a whirl of kitchen cleverness. More of our clients are pursuing sleek functionality with an ingenious design that remains unparalleled. As a team, we strive to meet bespoke needs, for example, with unique kitchen worktop ideas. So read on to discover just what we can do if you’re an individual that likes to be different.

Stainless Steel Kitchen Worktops

Ok bear with us now we know you’re thinking this might look a bit unusual but actually, this is a practical choice even though it seems pretty way-out. A favourite of interior designers, stainless steel worktops give a feeling of quiet simplicity. They also break up the space of an all-white kitchen as you can see from this finished room.

Make Your Kitchen Island a Sink Station

By installing the sink in your kitchen island this allows you to look out into the room. So if the kids are doing their homework you can keep a close eye instead of turning your back. Bespoke made sinks are also possible and give a sleek and seamless look. Add a Quooker boiling water tap for speedy washing up in your unique Twenty 5 Design kitchen.

Corian® Solid Surface Moulded Sinks

Recently one of our customers came to our design team with a vision. Her desire was a kitchen of minimal charm and a durable sink to match. What came about was a Corian® Solid Surface prefabricated kitchen sink. A thing of beauty, sinks made by Corian are the perfect addition to any new kitchen design. They also resist the growth of mould and mildew and promise a perfectly seamless look. What's more, they come in a variety of colours and styles to suit all tastes.

Integrated Champagne Buckets

If you’ve never visited our kitchen showroom, we invite you to pop along! Because here you will find in our first show kitchen an integrated champagne bucket design. Perfect for chilling bottles as guests arrive (because real buckets only hold one right?), you’ll be the talk of the town with your new cool kitchen and built-in drinks ice bucket.

Dual Kitchen Worktops

Dual kitchen worktops are a brilliant way of adding interest to kitchen islands. For instance, half can be made from solid wood and the other half from durable quartz. Obviously, kitchen prep will be kept to the hardwearing side such as chopping and dicing veg. Then simply enjoy your food on the opposite side where the wood is kinder to elbows and plates.

Fabulous Indoor Herb Gardens

Nothing livens up a meal like a handful of fresh herbs but when it’s raining it’s not exactly ideal to venture outside and forage. Which is why indoor herb gardens are blooming lovely and they bring life into a new kitchen. If you’re also short on space, this does not matter, they work on absolutely any kitchen worktop surface. As you can see from the photos below this post, our client is big on seasoning and don’t they look fabulous taking pride of place in the centre of her island countertop!

Kitchen Worktop Ideas for The Best Games Night In History!

Cards on the table, pardon the pun, we’ve done some pretty cool kitchen worktops. But probably the most unique of them all has to be the integrated chess board come countertop. An idea of a client that loves to play chess, we were more than happy to support her passion and as you can see from the photo the sample looks great, particularly the red marbled finish. Unconventional for some but certainly one-of-a-kind, what board game would you merge with your worktop? If Articulate is your choice then that is fine, you just might have to provide your own arrow for spinning…

We hope that you’ve enjoyed our post exploring quirky kitchen worktop ideas. When we’re not playing chess on the showroom sample we’re busy bringing even more wonderful ideas to life! So gather your thoughts about what you want and need from your new kitchen and allow our team to work their magic, after all, what makes your kitchen different will make your kitchen beautiful. Thank you for reading.

Fabulous Worktop Herb Gardens by Twenty 5 Design.

A sample of our famous chess board worktop, coming to a home soon near you!