Picture the scene you’re sat in the kitchen, scrolling away on Facebook, then suddenly your battery is on 1% and threatening to cut you off. Well, worry no more as with this brand new tech a low battery will be a thing of the past. Any part of your home with a solid surface* can now power up with this latest gadget. From banishing wires to taking charge, all from your kitchen worktop, Make Your Space™ a place of envy with a Corian® Charging Surface…

What is a Corian® Charging Surface?

On first glance, this looks like your average, stylish Corian® worktop but what makes it unique is what’s underneath - a transmitter that wirelessly powers up devices. Hidden from view, this kitchen technology can charge smartphones, tablets and more. You can also upgrade for laptop compatibility once the technology has been made available.

How Wireless Charging Works

The term, wireless power is also known as inductive coupling and it works by using narrow magnetic fields (how an electrical current naturally moves through wires). It starts by creating a magnetic field around a hidden electrical coil. The receiving device also has a hidden coil that receives the magnetic energy. This results in the power being transferred wirelessly and all from the comfort of your worktop. To find out more about this clever tech here are some faqs.

Can Any Solid Surface* Use This Technology?

Any pattern and colour of Corian® solid surface can now be fitted for wireless charging. This gives homeowners more choice, with design flexibility and the convenience of no messy cords. Naturally, Corian® Charging Surface is durable against wear and tear. It just might warm up like your phone does when you charge it with a normal charger.

Do I Need An Adapter For My Devices?

Although you won’t need a charger as such for this tech, so you’ll banish unsightly leads, you’ll still need an adapter to be able to use the Corian® Charging Surface. Powermat® wireless charging rings from DuPont will act as your adapter for all your devices. Plugged into your device, the ring then acts as a receiver of the energy this technology creates.

Corian® Charging Surface For Existing Worktops

When it comes to existing worktops, unfortunately, this technology cannot be fitted. This is because a fabricator has to mill out the area to fit the unit during installation. It’s all the more reason to take the plunge now if you’re in two minds about this gadget. Because once worktops are installed you can’t go back and get Corian® Charging Surface.

Corian® Charging Surface | Are You Ready to Face The Future?

If you’re ready to face the future and bring wireless charging home, at Twenty 5 Design we can help you through this exciting process! First, select your preferred finish of Corian® surface from the hundreds of options available. A fabricator will then install the device during your Corian® worktop installation. When the project is finished, you are ready to charge, ring friends and play on Facebook. Charging stops when the battery is 100% full, it really is that simple!

To find out more about Corian® Charging Surface, please speak with our design team. Alternatively, why not call and see how it works in our Wakefield showroom?

Corian® Charging Surface; Is Your Kitchen Ready to Face The Future?