Kirsty and Phil's new show 'Love it or List it' certainly makes for popular viewing because a dilemma these days that most people face is whether to move or do home remodelling. There’s plenty of positives and negatives on both sides of the coin, especially when emotions come into play so this week we take an honest look at moving and renovating.

Location, Location, Location

Your current home might just be in the perfect area. Whether that’s near family or your work, a great location is a rare thing. If you can’t seem to find a new house in a place that’s as convenient as where you are now, it might be better to renovate than to move and hate where you end up living. A fruitless search for a property, however, does actually come with some benefits. Trawling Zoopla and Right Move for hours on end may make you decide to stay put after all.

Emotional Attachments

Yours and your families emotions will have a great impact on what you decide to do. Maybe you’re friends with your neighbours and enjoy being a part of a social and close-knit community. But this isn’t to say that you can’t have this should you choose to move to a new area. Just because you like things the way they are does not mean they can’t be better elsewhere.

Home Remodelling Can Be Messy…

If you’ve never experienced a remodel before, we’re going to let you in on a little secret. Home remodelling is messy and it can also be stressful, particularly if you’re living amongst the work. Suddenly a new kitchen means that you are cooking in your spare bedroom for a few days. Building work is also disruptive especially if any external walls need taking down. Combat this by staying with a friend or book a hotel for the duration of the work. Neither option is ideal but at least you can attempt to live (sort of) normally.

… But Even A New Home May Need Some Work

Imagine you decide to take the plunge and move but actually, the new house isn’t quite up to scratch. How many houses have you seen for sale and thought, ’well that could do with a new bathroom’? Our point is that even if you move, your new house may still need work. So that’s the cost of a move PLUS renovations if you’re determined to put your own stamp on it.

Our Professional Advice

It’s a tough one and so before you get your local agent around to sell, think very carefully about what it is you’re looking for in a new home. Also, consider your budget because let’s not forget, there are additional fees for buying, selling and moving. In 2018 this alone was estimated at around £10,000.

Home Remodelling with Twenty 5 Design

If you’re still stuck it might be worth getting some quotes for home remodelling so you can see what improvements are realistic before you make your big decision. As you can see from these photos our client was thrilled they decided on staying put and our team can also help you too if a renovation is your conclusion. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Before photo of our pre-home renovations.

After renovations photos - and what a beautiful result!