At Twenty 5 Design, we’ve recently embarked on a remarkable kitchen project. We were asked to make the most of our client's high ceilings and crucially, their available storage. As you can see from our 3D visuals the answer was to incorporate library ladders and this has led us to wonder the other ways that they can be used for valuable storage?

From cleverly built alcoves for quiet moments to an actual library, wine rack and more, read on to discover 5 brilliant ways to make the most of those hard to reach places.

Kitchen Storage and Wine Rack

As our client discovered a new kitchen needs lots and lots of good storage but if your ceilings are high then it’s also important that the space is user-friendly. Ceiling-height units are great if you’re tall but not if you’re under 5 ft. Which is why library ladders are a brilliant solution and solve this problem outright. Maintaining a simple decor with organised cabinetry means more room for essential ingredients. Alternatively, a wine rack would also look fab with rolling library ladders to choose your tipple!

Library Ladders for A Library Room

Self-confessed bookworm? We’ve got your back, with a room dedicated to reading. If this sounds appealing then why not consider transforming an unused room into a home library? With plenty of space to store your collection and seating to help you unwind, transform fiction into a reality with a personal book room and custom made library ladders.

Living Room Alcoves and Shelving

If a separate library just isn’t feasible how about making use of your lounge? Bookshelves look great either side of the TV and create much-needed symmetry. They additionally look stylish when trimmed with items like house-plants, knick-knacks and art. And if you’re lacking in width but have high-ceilings, library ladders will dress to impress!

Library Ladders for Fitted Wardrobes

Whether high ceilings or low, spare bedroom or master use library ladders to your advantage. They can be fitted to access top shelves in wardrobes, avoiding the need to go search for a buffet. You’ll also keep clutter to a minimum with no more excuses from teens who say they can’t reach. And when placed by a bed they also double up as a convenient nightstand.

Quirky Ways to Maximise Space

A larger family needs lot’s more room and this is where it becomes ingenious. For it to work you have to imagine a space where there currently isn’t one at all. For instance, do you have a small alcove that’s not in use because it’s too high? Why not convert into a nook or storage area with library ladders for ease of use?

Library Ladders for Home Storage by Twenty 5 Design

Thank you for reading our latest post exploring the potentials of library ladders. As you can see our skills go far beyond kitchens with full home redesign too. So if you like the idea of plans to completion and climbing the ladder to storage success, please get in touch with our award-winning team to discuss something really special. Thank you for reading.

A selection of our 3D visuals featuring kitchen library ladders!