Over the past 100 years, Siemens has strived to revolutionise the humble home and with their cutting-edge products, they have done just that, making life simpler, more efficient, and extraordinary. If you’re considering investing in Siemens appliances for an existing or brand new kitchen, here we discuss this unparalleled brand and leader of tomorrow’s household.

Free-standing Siemens Appliances

Siemens free-standing kitchen appliances deliver outstanding results every time. This includes their functional laundry range that promises energy-efficient washing and drying. Laundry products also come with state-of-the-art technology, designed to save you time and money. Most importantly they’re extremely easy to use to control a variety of washing cycles. If like us you also enjoy good food which deserves perfect storage conditions, the Siemens fridge-freezer comes with iSensoric technology which means ingredients are kept fresher for longer. The appliance works using sensors and software that adjusts conditions to suit its contents. With its noFrost freezer, you’ll also never have to think about defrosting again.

Built-in Siemens Appliances

Siemens built-in appliances are an array of microwaves, ovens and dishwashers. Working seamlessly together, the range offers coordination and makes for a spectacular kitchen. If you’re looking for flexibility, consider their dishwasher, the only model to have Zeolith® drying. So instead of waiting an age for glassware to dry, it’s crystal clear and ready to use.


Introducing studioLine from Siemens, a range that complements every kitchen. In a league of its own, it’s also a collection for those who appreciate high functional tech. From induction hobs to extractor hoods, studioLine offers more than just appliances. They form a desirable lifestyle that’s far from ordinary and express individuality. If you’d like a kitchen where elegance and function are perfectly in sync, shop studioLine and view the full range of extraordinary appliances here.

Siemens Home Connect

Now that we’ve explored the appliances it’s time to get techy with day to day household tasks. Because did you know you can control your appliances via the Siemens intuitive app? Opening up a world of possibilities and easing the workload, why not ask your coffee machine to prepare the lattes? Simply connect your smart speaker and Siemens Home Connect to all of your built-in and free-standing appliances. Bingo.

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If you’re looking for award-winning ideas coupled with brilliant kitchen technologies, look no further than Twenty 5 Design and our range of Siemens appliances. Transforming your home, while simplifying your life, you’ll become one step ahead of the Joneses. So why not book your Exclusive Appointment and discover the world of Siemens? Thank you for reading.

Recognise brilliance and culinary ease with a Siemens induction hob.

Experience ingenious design in your home with the Siemens intelligent black fridge-freezer.