The sixties saw the release of The Jetsons, a thrilling space-themed cartoon. Based on a science-fiction family that drove flying cars, automated house-keeping was also commonplace. But what if we were to tell you that you too can have your very own Rosie the robot? May we present to you Siemens Home Connect; a new way of life for the kitchen and household…

What is Siemens Home Connect?

Siemens Home Connect is a technology that enables you to manage your home appliances. Working via the app to set programs and timers, it offers ease through home automation. Not only does Home Connect help your household to become more efficient and safe, but you can do all of this and from the sofa whilst spending time with the ones you love.

Siemens Home Connect Laundry

Weekly washing just got more fun with Home Connect laundry care. Simply answer a few questions about your items of clothing to find the optimal programme for washing. It’s also perfect for commuters who experience delays when travelling to and from work. Simply use this time and programme laundry to arrive home to pristine results.

Intuitive Home Connect Fridge

If there’s one thing that impresses us most about Siemens Home Connect, it’s the fridge that keeps a tab on your food using two special built-in cameras. The stuff of sci-fi films and of course, The Jetsons kitchen, check out your fridge on the way home from work. Then if a top-up shop is drastically needed, your fridge will even suggest where to store certain items.

Personalised Coffee Time!

There’s nothing better than getting home to a strong hot cup of java and with Home Connect you can programme your brew to exactly just how you like. Match morning’s with coffee and evenings with tea or pair your beverage to your music playlist. Your newfound barista skills will even wow guests as you serve up a variety of lattes.

Clever Cooking and Baking

Dinner parties can often be challenging and require a great deal of prep but with Home Connect, you can gain back control of your cooking and baking areas. Many models from Bosch and Siemens are also equipped with this smart home function so you can multitask well and preheat the oven while out shopping for last minute bits.

Convenient and Seamless Dishwashing

Whether you’re busy at work or out for the night your dishes still need to be clean. So let Siemens take care of your washing up duties with their Home Connect smart dishwasher. Producing sparkling cups, glasses and bowls the app can be controlled remotely. And the best part is, it will re-order tabs via Amazon’s Dash Replenishment Service.

Discover Siemens Home Connect for Smarter Yorkshire Kitchens

If you have any questions about Home Connect or the appliances controllable by phone, please get in touch with our specialist team to arrange your complimentary demo. Alternatively, here are some FAQ’s that cover everything from hardware to signal. So take control of your house and start winning at life with Siemens’ unstoppable Home Connect app. Thank you for reading.

Discover what Siemens Home Connect can do for Yorkshire Kitchens.