Who is Mrs Hinch?

Sophie Hinchcliffe AKA Mrs Hinch is an Instagram sensation and it’s through her love of cleaning she’s become a popular household name. Author of Hinch Yourself Happy, Mrs Hinch promises to soothe your soul through dusting and cleaning and her 2 million strong ‘Hinch Army’ followers can’t get enough of her domestic tips. With the new season underway, we, therefore, thought it fitting to write an article on spring cleaning. So read on for some hacks by Mrs Hinch to pull-off a dazzling new kitchen.

Be Kitchen Sink Savvy

The one thing Mrs Hinch is renowned for is working her magic on the kitchen sink. Because instead of harsh chemicals, fabric softener is suggested, making the kitchen smell incredibly fragrant. Start by pouring two capfuls into your sink and fill with boiling water. Allow to soak for about 4 hours to remove any unwanted build up.

Maintaining Solid Oak Worktops

If you dream of having solid oak worktops they need a little care and attention. So make sure to use a chopping board for food as prevention is better than the cure. For wiping clean, use a damp, soft cloth with a drop of washing up liquid. Also never overwet and regularly oil to keep your worktops in tip-top condition.

Cleaning Kitchen Floors and Skirting

When it comes to cleaning your kitchen floors you’ll need plenty of elbow grease. Mrs Hinch recommends Cif floor wipes and a kneeling mat for polishing Amtico. For kitchen woodwork (doors, frames etc) and skirting boards, she suggests mixing water with fabric softener. The mixture removes scuffs without wrecking paint and makes the home smell divine.

Yorkshire Cleaning Products

Now onto the kitchen cleaning products that will make your life so incredibly easy but when asked about her go-to agents Mrs Hinch couldn’t choose a favourite. She did, however, recommend a stainless steel cleaner for extractor fans and hobs. Zoflora is another popular choice by Huddersfield manufacturers Thornton & Ross.

The Coveted Minky M Cloth

Currently out of stock in the whole of the UK and probably thanks to Mrs Hinch, is the Minky M Cloth, an antibacterial pad that is dual sided for effective scrubbing. It’s non-scratchy, high-density microfibre texture makes light work of all cleaning tasks. It’s therefore ideal for use in the kitchen and removing burnt on stains.

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