Silestone by Cosentino, Loved by Cindy Crawford

The best for functionality by Cosentino, Silestone is the original quartz surface and it also just so happens to be a favourite of Cindy Crawford. Successful actress and model, Cindy is certainly no stranger to elegance so read on for why this global star is crazy about Silestone surfaces…

An Indisputable Kitchen Leader

The undeniable leader of the surface industry that has reigned for twenty-five years, Silestone is crafted from 94% quartz which means it is naturally tough. It also provides much-needed endurance and class, whether for kitchen worktops, bathroom floors or cladding. It’s also easy to maintain and looks fabulous in white, according to surface fan Cindy.

Superior Worktop Technology

Quartz may be one of the hardest minerals but for Silestone, that’s not enough. As a result, the brand has developed N-BOOST technology to take functionality to the next level. What this means for kitchen worktops and homes is easier cleaning and maintenance. And it’s all thanks to a special surface treatment which also achieves a more intense colour.

Cindy Crawford Loves Kitchens with Heart

Silestone’s colours are something else and the range reaches a staggering fifty! That’s fifty different opportunities to bring your dream kitchen to life. You can also combine colours with different textures to create a truly unique look. Cindy’s personal preference happens to be white and blue due to the soothing qualities of this combo.

Integrated Solutions For Design & Comfort

The kitchen is the hub of the home and where we spend most of our time so in terms of creating a harmonious space, decoration and comfort are key. Silestone certainly hasn’t overlooked this part, with infinite options for materials and ideas. They also make it their mission to meet the most stringent conditions, solving problems with integrated solutions. It is, therefore, no surprise that Cindy chooses to make Silestone a part of her kitchen. Offering spectacular options and a place to unwind, the brand is integral to her interior.

Discover Unique Silestone Worktops in our Wakefield Kitchen Showroom

We certainly hope you’ve liked reading our post exploring Silestone worktops and if you’d like to view our elegant range we invite you to visit our showroom. Unfortunately, we can’t ensure an appearance from Cindy but what we can promise are beautiful worktops. And we’re also open to any extraordinary ideas for custom-made features like built-in chess boards (yes really). Please also stay tuned as, over the next few weeks, we’ll be bringing you more from our building side. So look out for new windows and even library ladders - it’s about to get really exciting! Thank you for reading.