Fifty Shades of Grey Shaker Kitchens

Fifty Shades of Grey Shaker Kitchens

Wednesday 27 March 2019

The Rise and Rise of Grey Shaker Kitchens

Grey shaker kitchens are on the rise and a popular choice for most homeowners. They’re also designed according to three fundamentals: simplicity, functionality and high-quality. But what exactly is a shaker kitchen and where did they originally stem from? Well, we can thank The Shakers of the 1770s who took pride in simple but effective carpentry. Fast forward to now and it’s safe to say this type of kitchen is a style chameleon. This makes them ideal for all kinds of tastes, especially in a peppery grey…

The Psychology of The Colour Grey

Grey kitchens are soaring for remodels this year, as we yearn for a more paired-back look. What was once viewed as miserable, is now quite the opposite with grey making a kitchen exciting! But have you considered the reasons why we may be shifting from big and bold colours? The answer lays in greys soothing attributes, a hue that is calm and clean. So when you walk into a grey shaker kitchen, the feeling is far from depressing. What you will experience, however, is something more tranquil - is it any wonder that we love grey so much?

Grey Shaker Kitchens Represent Quality

One of the reasons why grey shaker kitchens are so popular is that they’re reliable and represent good quality. The Shakers also believed in no-frills living and so, therefore, the carpentry had to speak for itself. It’s through this fascinating heritage and purposeful design our love for the shaker-style continues to grow. Bring out the grey with white or warm wood worktops and pair with copper or rose gold handles.

Versatile Kitchen Design

The beauty of grey shaker kitchens is that they are so incredibly versatile. They’re also almost a hybrid and they bridge the gap between modern and traditional styles. If you can’t decide which shade of grey to go for, after all, there are about fifty, consider combining both grey and white to add some subtle interest. As you can see from our image this does work well and it adds balance to this shaker-style kitchen. Now all that’s left to decide is your worktop finish, whether granite or elegant quartz.

Get Inspiration for Grey Shaker Kitchens

As you can probably tell at Twenty 5 Design we’re pretty obsessed with grey shaker kitchens and if you are too then we’d love to assist in designing your ideal look. With a diverse range of splashbacks and worktops that will complement your choice of cabinetry, we welcome you to browse our luxury finishes and options for grey shaker kitchens.

A beautifully understated grey shaker kitchen with complimentary cabinetry in white.

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