Looking at designer kitchens really is a thrill but it’s important to choose a reputable supplier who can offer you peace of mind. At Twenty 5 Design, we are pleased to be a member of The Consumer Protection Association and our membership means you’ll have complete security should you instruct us to carry out your project. In fact, we hold over 10-YEAR ACHIEVEMENT AWARDS with them. By choosing a member of the CPA who specialises in designer kitchens, you’ll also benefit from bonuses such as deposit protection and insurance backed guarantees. But what is consumer protection you ask and how exactly does it work? Read on for complete reassurance with Twenty 5 Design.

What is Consumer Protection?

The CPA only deal with accredited installers who are vetted for their integrity. Their aim is to protect consumers who enter into a contract to have work undertaken on their property. They also insure against unforeseeable circumstances, such as the company going into liquidation. This ensures the consumer is protected throughout, even after the work is completed.

Deposit Protection For Designer Kitchens

The CPA deposit protection scheme is essentially insurance against your deposit. The policy covers you for up to 90 days from the date you secure your kitchen. In the unlikely event, a supplier ceases to trade due to bankruptcy, receivership or death, you have the option to have the work carried out by another company or have your deposit refunded in full.

Insurance Backed Guarantees

When undergoing home improvements it’s vital you have an insurance policy in place. This should be given to you by your chosen provider as part of the overall sale. An Insurance Backed Guarantee provides valuable protection in the event the company ceases to trade. It’s also available for up to 10 years and underwritten by an authorised insurer.

Designer Kitchens and Your Rights

When it comes to purchasing a new kitchen it’s important to know your rights because unfortunately, there are deceitful contractors who prey on innocent homeowners. Choosing a valid member of the CPA is one sure fire way to success. It will also ensure you receive the highest standard of work because, you know, good guys do actually exist. Before you get going with your home renovation, why not have a read of this handy guide? From paying by credit card to keeping a paperwork trail this article has some very useful tips for homeowners.

10 Years Award, A Decade of Peace of Mind and Designer Kitchens

The Consumer Protection Association recently presented us with a 10 Year Achievement Award. That's over a decade of protecting the rights of our customers and giving them peace of mind when purchasing with us. If you’d like to feel safe in the knowledge that you’re instructing a proficient company, speak with our team at Twenty 5 Design or view our extensive portfolio.

Our beautiful Schuller designer kitchens come with complete consumer protection.