There’s no denying that Crittall is back, in all its glorious form. A long-lasting look, it’s an ageless choice and characterised by black steel frames. But where did it come from originally and why is it now growing increasingly popular? Read on to explore this modern-edge trend if you’re a lover of industrial luxe…

What is Crittall?

Right or wrong Crittall is often used to describe black steel-framed windows but the originals were actually first manufactured in 1889 by Crittall Windows Ltd. It was at the turn of the century when most windows were timber that the company began to make changes. We, therefore, owe this iconic look to Essex ironmonger, Francis Henry Crittall.

Crittall-Style Windows

Crittall-style windows are often associated with Art Deco and Modernist movements. They can also be seen in early 20th Century architecture and iconic buildings like the Houses of Parliament. Fast-forward to now, however, and modern versions are practical and they suit most properties. They’re also thermally efficient and extremely secure due to their multi-framed steel design. If you’re lucky enough to actually own a property that features original Crittall steel windows, they can be removed and restored for a full refurb and last you many more years.

Crittall Shower Screens

This classic design is not just for windows, it can be used in our interiors too. So prepare for a thrill as we bring to you Crittall-style shower screens! Exciting bloggers and stylists alike, it’s a look that can be used in both modern and traditional bathrooms. One tip is to stick to a monochrome theme with foliage for sophistication.

Crittall-Style Room Dividers

Open-plan living has been around for a while and it’s not wavering any time soon but when tearing down walls just isn’t an option consider versatile internal dividers. Crittall-style doors can be used in this way and they also allow for natural light. So have fun with zoning and separating spaces with on-trend steel-framed partitions.

Embrace Crittall in Your Home Remodel

At Twenty 5 Design, we love anything new, especially if it’s bold and exciting! So we really hope that you’ve enjoyed our post, exploring the craze for Crittall. If you’re curious how you can work this trend into your home’s interior decor, our team have you covered with plenty of ideas to incorporate grid-like charm. To find out more about Crittall-style windows, shower screens and room dividers, please get in touch or why not visit our Yorkshire Interiors Showroom? Thank you for reading.

The Waldorf Collection by Crosswater Bathrooms featuring luxury Crittall style doors.