Good kitchen lighting is a must-have for today's multifunctional home. It should be bright and shadow-free to support safe cooking yet atmospheric for those cosey moments. Which is why when it comes to your kitchen you should consider a versatile scheme. So let’s take a look at this year's trends for some brilliant kitchen lighting…

Over The Island Kitchen Lighting

Nothing compliments a kitchen island like on-trend well-planned lighting. It also nicely frames the social area against the contrasting kitchen work zones. A statement piece will certainly add interest such as the Melt Copper Pendant Light by Tom Dixon. Position low-hanging in a group of three for the perfect backdrop to a prosecco evening.

Pop of Colour Pendants

When it comes to your kitchen it’s worth thinking about how light can be used as a design tool. After all, the kitchen is the hub of the home and demands big energy and spirit. Which is why it's so great that lighting is steering towards bolder choices and shades. Choose bright paint finishes or prismatic glass for a smattering of rainbow colour.

Kitchen Lighting Wizardry

Gone are the days where a single uplight was enough to illuminate a kitchen. Now we have many functions to cater for and thankfully, many different sources at our disposal. For instance, it’s important to layer your lighting and you can do this with general, ambient and task. Using a number of sources also achieves a three-dimensional feel and is effective for breaking up a space. In terms of actually using your lighting, make sure each source can be controlled separately. This way you can carry out jobs efficiently and under the optimal brightness of light.

Luminous LEDs

Offering impressive brilliance LED’s are used in most modern kitchen remodels. This is because they are much safer all round and never flicker compared to alternatives. LEDs are also easier to conceal and so work for things like recessed ceiling lights or kitchen floor uplighters. What’s more, they certainly are the future with halogens fast becoming obsolete.

Industrial Kitchen Lighting

If you’re looking for something a bit out of the box, when it comes to your kitchen lighting, Glass Box Lights are huge right now in style and also form. Industrious chic is still going strong and it promises an enduring appeal. To work the look think antique bulbs such as the top-selling Edison squirrel.

We hope you have found our post enlightening and are now ready to create your ideal. Because experts say the best time to plan lighting is during the drawing stage of a kitchen. To transform your home with these lighting trends why not visit our kitchen showroom? At a time of year when we welcome more light, there’s no better time to consider ideas.

Create different moods and relaxing zones with contrasting sources of kitchen lighting.