At Twenty 5 Design, we’re very aware of the importance of a good nights kip. According to a survey by Sleep Cycle, however, we’re averaging 7 hours and 24 minutes a night (if we’re lucky). In spite of this, there are many factors that can help promote sleep with smart technology now seen as just as important as soothing bedroom design.

If you’re not getting your forty winks due to demanding modern life, here, we explore some smart devices that’ll result in blissful bedrooms…

Ambient Mood Lighting

The bedroom is a place for relaxation and rest, therefore, lighting plays a major role. This is why we love the Philips Hue Wireless LED Starter Kit for creating the perfect ambience. Using a smartphone or tablet you can control the lights, even setting schedules such as a morning sunrise. Compatible with Amazon, Apple and also Google, The Philips Hue Starter Kit is at the forefront of bedroom technology.

Blissful Bedrooms with Sensorwake

Sensorwake is a pretty incredible bedside device that works using scent. While their first product woke you up by emitting pleasant smells, the Sensorwake Oria allows you to fall asleep faster and sleep better. We spend a third of our lifetime sleeping, therefore, quality is of the utmost importance and with the Sensorwake Oria, you can definitely wave goodbye to unpleasant restless nights!

Moona Smart Pillow

If the cold side of the pillow is what makes you drift off at night, the Moona smart pillow promises a cool and comfortable sleep. To fall asleep our body temperature needs to drop to around 1°C so the device works by using cooling-pads to create an optimum pillow temperature. Moona smart pillow can also wake you by gently warming the pillow. There’s even the option to record your sleep data and get to understand your individual sleep pattern.

Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Link

If you’re the type of person who can’t sleep unless the air around you is perfect, then the Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Link will be worth every penny. A smart heater, cooler and air purifier, Dyson’s Link does an excellent job. It would also have been a saviour to many, during this summers unbearably hot nights. With The Link, you can also monitor your air quality from anywhere else in the world which is great if you’re travelling back from holiday or suffer from hayfever or asthma.

Sleep Trackers

Whether you own a smartwatch or Fitbit, you can track the quality of your sleep. Some people, however, are kept awake by a device’s actual wrist strap. Nokia has certainly gotten wise to this, releasing Nokia Sleep this year. An iPad-like tracker that slides underneath the mattress it can record everything from your sleep quality to how much you’ve been snoring!

Blissful Bedrooms with Twenty 5 Design

Did you know that the sleep you get each night directly impacts your mood, health, and productivity the next day? Which is why at Twenty 5 Design we want to help you get the most out of your bedroom decor. Our bespoke headboard and upholstering service will help you achieve a deluxe hotel-like feel. We can even create a separate dressing area to keep clutter to a minimum.

If you need design inspiration to promote good sleep then our team would love to assist. With a passion for crafting unique spaces, a well-thought-out bedroom will bring happy sleep…