Well-proportioned and double the convenience, his and hers sinks may at first seem like a novelty. They are in fact a trend on the rise and blend seamlessly with busy lifestyles. If you like the idea of never having to share, perhaps his and hers sinks are for you? Before you decide, however, read on for the truth about this trending bathroom investment…

Pro: More time and personal space

We’re sure you can picture the scene as it’s one that will occur in most households. Bodies flying towards the bathroom door, the winner victoriously brushing their teeth. If this sounds like a typical morning in your home, two sinks are definitely better than one. They’ll be no more overlapping of schedules and bathroom bickers will be a thing of the past. Another great thing about his and hers sinks is that they are excellent for family homes. They also provide ample space to prep for a big day or night out.

Con: A compromise on storage and budget

One thing about his and hers sinks, albeit a striking bathroom feature, is that they can actually decrease the space of your normal countertop. Obviously, this is a give and take situation because what you’ll lose in room for lotions and potions, you’ll gain in dual sinks. Just be aware, however, of any extra plumbing needed and the existing storage it could affect. The other thing you’ll need to consider is the budget you have in mind because not only is it twice the sink and fixtures, it’s double the handwash too!

Pro: His and hers sinks for a hotel vibe

There are plenty of reasons for choosing a double basin and not just because they look so gorgeous. His and hers sinks also create a harmonious symmetry and give an affluent, hotel vibe. According to the country’s leading interior designers, hotel-chic doesn’t stop at a weekend in the lakes. We additionally look to bring it back home with us, creating a deluxe and enviable abode. A crisp white double sink and vanity unit will certainly do just that. It’ll also be the coup de grâce in your hotel-like bathroom and achieve luxury functionality.

His and hers sinks bathroom showroom

So would you consider his and hers sinks in the design of your new bathroom? With the pace of life ever-increasing, many would welcome the convenience. They’re also perfect for style-conscious homeowners who crave that touch of luxury. No matter what stage your project is at, at Twenty 5 Design, your needs are our priority. And if that includes banishing a shared sink forever, well, we would love to talk ideas. Thank you for reading.