Did you know the last week in October is always National Curry Week? Founded by the late Peter Grove, the event is to show appreciation for the dish and also raise funds for charity.

In honour of this year’s National Curry Week, we’re serving up some kitchen inspiration. With that, here’s how you too can cook the perfect homemade curry.

Preparation is key

Everyone knows that you can’t begin cooking without the essential refreshments. It’s, therefore, a good job that Kingfisher Beer is the official sponsor. So now you’ve got your thirst under control it’s time to gather up the ingredients. Let’s take a look inside our beautiful shaker cabinets for the herbs and spices we need. At Twenty 5 Design, a lot of thought and planning goes into the design of storage, so when it comes to rustling up meals, your essentials will be easy to find.

A little help from our friend

One of our much-loved customers, Mrs Vijay, regularly makes homemade curries for her family and when asked if she had any cooking secrets, she kindly offered her expertise. When the time allows, Mrs Vijay tends to make her own ingredients. She also suggests some kitchen hacks, such as lemon juice for taming down spice.

Let the pan see the induction hob

Next, you’ll need to cook some onions and garlic, on your superb induction hob. Then simply add curry powder, tomatoes and ginger and stir for 3-4 minutes. You can then introduce some chicken or additionally veg then simply cook on a low heat for 10-15 minutes. One other top tip from Mrs Vijay includes a healthy alternative to cream by simply soaking a few almonds and grinding them to a paste. If cooking smells also ever bother you, Neff’s integrated hob extractor is just the appliance. Not only does it remove all food vapours, its a novel take on the conventional extractor fan.

The proof is in the proving

Now that the curry is almost done, we can turn our attention to the accompaniments. While rice is ideal for a mid-week tea, Mrs Vijay enjoys making Indian breads. Neff’s warming drawers are therefore certainly helpful, especially when you’re not just ready to serve. Simply pop in your homemade naans, rotis or chapatis to keep everything nice and warm.

Kitchen inspiration | What will you cook up?

We hope you have enjoyed learning how to cook the perfect homemade curry. We’d especially also like to say a big thank you to Mrs Vijay for her fabulous input. So now you have a recipe to try in your Twenty 5 Design kitchen, it leaves us with one other burning question - what will you cook up?