If you have a relatively small bathroom, trying to make everything fit can certainly be challenging. First, there’s the actual layout to consider and then the aesthetics that will help to magnify the space. At Twenty 5 Design, we believe that even the smallest of bathrooms can be made to look beautiful. So whether your cloakroom, en-suite or the main shower space, here’s how to perfectly style a compact bathroom.

Functional furniture

Planning the layout of a compact bathroom may take some thought at first but once you have looked at the functionality, your design will quickly flow. Floating vanities are great because they free up essential space. Rounded corners are also wise and avoid bumps from pointed edges.

Opt for light when space is tight

You’ve probably heard it before but we’ll highlight it again anyway, neutral colours are great for opening up a small room. Opt for compact bathroom tiles in either white, beige or pale grey. Gloss tiles are additionally brilliant for harnessing natural light. Should you even come to sell your property, homebuyers just love a muted colour scheme. Tread carefully, however, with ‘all-white’ if you don’t want your bathroom left feeling stark.

Compact bathroom wallpaper

Yes really, striking wallpaper for your compact bathroom! Don’t believe us? Allow us to explain. Showstopping wallpapers are ideal for small bathrooms because they create a level of interest and detract from the size. Think contrasting colours such as orange and white or botanical prints for a unique result. Don’t forget, however, that baths and showers also mean fluctuating temperatures so make sure you choose a wallpaper that can withstand bathroom conditions.

Built-in recessed shelving

A genius solution for any compact bathroom, recessed shelving is a space-saver, both practically and visually. Additionally, recessed shelves are built into the wall, so great for storing essentials without the need for units.

Keep a compact bathroom simple

So there we have it, covering everything from clever storage to even the shade of tiles, we hope you have enjoyed discovering how to style a compact bathroom. Just in case you’re in a dilemma and unsure of where to start, one thing to remember about bathroom design is to simply keep things simple…

If you’re in the market for a bathroom remodel you’ve certainly come to the right place. Not only will we ensure your design looks sensational but that it maximises the space too. As part of your planning process, why not pay a visit to our Wakefield showroom? Alternatively, you can explore more bathroom ideas by viewing our portfolio here. Thank you for reading.