What are freestanding baths?

Freestanding baths are an up-to-the-minute version of the classic bathtub. An incredibly popular feature of modern bathroom design, they are available in a diverse range of styles and are also self-supporting. Here at Twenty 5 Design, our Wakefield showroom boasts some beautifully crafted models and all promise a satisfying soak. So if you’re still undecided as to whether this type of tub is for you or not, let’s explore some key benefits of freestanding baths.

More space, better functionality

Freestanding baths may technically use up more space than the traditional built-in bathtub but you can guarantee that your bathroom will not look any smaller. In fact, installing a standalone bath can actually help to give the illusion of more valuable space. While built-in tubs normally have to be positioned against the bathroom walls, freestanding baths can be installed anywhere. The open area beneath the tub will also make the bathroom look much bigger and show off to perfection your show-stopping floor tiles.

Distinctive and charming

Truly making a statement, freestanding baths bring effortless style to the design of a bathroom. In turn, they also work to command attention, especially with visiting friends and family. With freestanding baths, there is additionally the advantage of a diverse range of styles. So whether your taste is sleek and modern or classically vintage, there is a freestanding bath for every bathroom decor.

Freestanding baths Wakefield

If you’re considering adding some flair to your bathroom, freestanding baths make a fabulous addition. One of our projects actually featured a freestanding Lynx bathtub (pictured) and this design is proving to be a popular choice amongst our many customers. A premier company, we work with some of the best standalone bath designers so when it comes to your new bathroom, you’re guaranteed that touch of originality. To enjoy a fizz and a soak in the perfect freestanding bath, simply visit our Wakefield showroom to view our stunning range.