High-end kitchen appliance manufacturer, Neff, was established over 130 years ago in Germany's Baden-Württemberg province. Founded by Carl Neff and originally a family business, over the years the Neff empire has grown from strength to strength with well over one million UK households now boasting their innovative kitchenware.

A sought-after brand when it comes to luxury kitchen design here’s four Neff products available from our Wakefield interiors showroom.

Neff Induction Hob

Induction cooking uses electric currents to heat pans through magnetic induction. Instead of using thermal conduction such as gas or electric, induction heats the cooking vessel but not the actual surface. Not only do induction hobs cook meals quicker, they offer precise temperature control and are easier to clean. Neff’s take on the induction hob is fabulously flawless and their range promises an even better cooking experience.

Slide&Hide® Oven

We recently discussed Neff’s Slide&Hide® Oven in our blog that explored kitchen technology. The only oven to boast a clever hiding door, fans include contestants from the Great British Bake Off. If culinary creativity is at the heart of your kitchen, test drive the Slide&Hide® from our Wakefield interiors showroom.

Neff Warming Drawers

Able to keep hot food warm when preparing for large feasts, warming drawers take the pressure off until you’re ready to serve. You will have also heard the Bake Off contestants discussing ‘proving’ their wares and it’s why warming drawers are so excellent for baking and making bread. Neff’s warming drawers additionally feature a varied temperature range and so will meet your personal bake off requirements whether it’s baps or hot cross buns.

Integrated Hob Extractor

Neff’s integrated hob extractor, removes cooking vapours where they are produced. If you’re also a lover of the induction hob, both appliances can be combined. This Neff kitchen appliance is additionally really easy to use and promises a pleasant room climate thanks to its high-extraction rate.

Neff Appliances Wakefield

As a Neff appliance specialist, most of our kitchen projects are finished with the brands premium products. It’s also with thanks to their precise design that Neff appliances enjoy an extended lifespan and consistently meet the demands of every possible lifestyle.

If you’d like to learn more about exquisite Neff appliances, the coffee is always brewing in our Wakefield kitchen showroom. For impeccable taste that never goes out of date, make it Neff from Twenty 5 Design.