When we hear the term smart bathroom, all sorts of futuristic images can easily be conjured up. Like something out of a sci-fi film, the latest in smart bathroom technology can feel a bit out there to some. Others, however, are embracing advancement, enjoying personalised showers, self-cleaning toilets and even smart weighing scales.

There’s no doubt that these gadgets can also make our lives easier. From digital showers to bathroom entertainment, here’s what else is new in smart bathroom technology.

Digital and Smart Showers

Since the 1990’s, the use of showers has climbed significantly with at least one shower installation in most modern households. The next generation, digital and smart showers, are highly responsive and the novel new way to create the perfect shower experience. Most models have reliable, thermostatic temperature control, come with built-in safety features and with easy-to-use controls there’s no need for fine tuning or messing around with dials. Here’s also the best part. With a smart shower, you can even programme your unique combination into the device including the flow, temperature and duration of your shower, guaranteeing you an invigorating experience, every shower time.

Smart Bathroom Mirrors

A design-led mirror will certainly complement a luxury bathroom but did you know that a smart bathroom version can offer much more too? Incorporating innovative new technology, some smart mirrors actually come with an audio facility and offer an impressive way to stay connected with built-in Bluetooth. Rumour also has it that with some of the newer models, you can even go online and check the weather report! One stunning bathroom in particular that we completed recently (image is shown below) actually featured an audio mirror and this also came with clever Bluetooth technology. Our clients additionally wished to integrate a flat screen Sky TV and this brings us on nicely to smart bathroom entertainment.

Smart Bathroom Entertainment

Staying in is apparently the new going out and that comes as no surprise given the cutting-edge bathroom technology designed for entertainment. If you’re a fan of music, bathroom manufacturers have got you covered with built-in speakers. Ambient mood lighting on the other hand, will also set the scene for relaxing in the tub and enjoying the new flat screen.

If you’re looking for new ways to modernise your bathroom this year, we recommend seeking help from a smart bathroom professional. Specialists in luxury interiors, at Twenty 5 Design, we will be able to pinpoint the right devices to suit your bathroom needs. We will also be able to help with the necessary design choices and plan for the transformation around your lifestyle.

With plenty of original ideas and excellent backup service, bring in the gadget wizards when it comes to your smart bathroom project. To find out more or to make an appointment, please get in touch with our creative design team.