Since the smart home category exploded onto the scene, tech-savvy homeowners cannot get enough. In the lounge, we have, of course, the smart TV and in the bathroom there is also Bluetooth mirrors. But what about one of the most used rooms in the house and which of the latest devices are actually worth investing in?

At Twenty 5 Design, we discover the latest in kitchen technology with 5 innovative products worth a space on your worktop.

Smartphone Worktop Charging

Say goodbye to annoying phone charger leads with the worktop charging surface by Corian. Perfect for any part of the home that integrates a solid surface, you’ll just need a smartphone that supports wireless charging and a set of Powermat® Wireless Charging Rings which can be ordered with the unit.

Neff’s Slide&Hide® Oven

Neff’s unique Slide&Hide® oven is kitchen technology at its excellence. With an oven door that slides away under the oven cavity, nothing will get in the way of your cooking creativity. The Slide&Hide® is actually the only oven to boast a rare disappearing door. You will, therefore, benefit from more space for tasting and monitoring your dishes.

Nespresso Prodigio Coffee Machine

Nespresso is already a household name and their latest innovation does not disappoint. The Prodigio is a smart coffeemaker, able to connect to your smartphone or tablet. With functions such as scheduling brewing, reordering of capsules and remote coffee making, this is one barista-bot you’ll want in the kitchen.

Connected Smart Appliances

Operate your Siemens appliances through the Home Connect app with this super convenient kitchen technology. The apps endless possibilities mean that you can interact with your appliances from wherever you are, making your home truly connected. Whether washing, cooking, baking or drying, redefine how you use your kitchen with Siemens and Home Connect.

Downdraught Hobs

Downdraught hobs are a new type of cooker hood actually built into your kitchen worktop. Quiet, effective and the epitome of minimal, they also make a great talking point for friends and family. If you’d like to see a live demo of an impressive downdraught hob, why not get in touch with us for your exclusive showroom appointment?

We hope that you have enjoyed reading our blog post about the latest and innovative kitchen technology. At Twenty 5 Design, we are huge advocates of cutting-edge kitchens and all of the products mentioned in this post can be discussed in our Wakefield showroom. For optimal convenience without compromising on style, is it about time you took your kitchen to the next level?