Summer is the perfect time to give your home a facelift and when we look at the latest bedroom trends we’re spoilt for choice this year. How often do you consider your health and wellbeing as an important element in your decor? Soft lighting is also essential and will ensure a mood enhancing atmosphere.

So you can keep up with the latest season when it comes to interior fashions, here we explore 5 summer bedroom trends for 2018.

Moody Florals

It may be super bright outside but interior florals have crossed over to the dark side. The moodier the also merrier with brooding violet, navy and emerald green taking centre stage. Bold pigments have been around for a while now and is a trend only reserved for the brave. Nail this daring colour palette with a sumptuous orchid wall colour and gutsy soft furnishings.

Totally Tropical Bedroom Trends

Continuing on from previous summers before, tropical bedroom trends are still going strong. Much like moody florals, it’s all about plenty of lush greens and rich shades of charcoal. Key elements such as energising leaf and wildlife prints will also create an exotic vibe. If you’re additionally happy to introduce real house plants, the retro Swiss cheese plant will be your leafy bedroom hero.

Statement Carpets

Statement carpets are a big thing right now with homeowners opting for colour and texture to grace their bedroom floors with. Traditionally, flooring choices for bedrooms are generally played much safer. Tastes change, however, with beige or cream nowadays no longer cutting the mustard for some. If you’re thinking about going more daring with a striking bedroom carpet, stripes are a good option and so are quirky patterned prints.

Health & Wellbeing Bedroom Trends

It may not be the first thing that springs to mind but your health and wellbeing should play a huge part in your new bedroom decor. With our fast-paced, modern lifestyles, our bedrooms are a sanctuary of downtime. The decor, therefore, should reflect this and provide a space for rest and recharging. To aid in total relaxation, why not take a bedroom tech detox? Also opting for a calming colour palette will additionally help you unwind.

Soft Lighting

Following on from the health and wellbeing angle, it’s really important in your bedroom that you get the lighting right. Mood enhancing lamps and dimmers make it easier to get ready for sleep. Pendant lamps also look gorgeous, especially in a textured finish. We recently carried out a bedroom project which featured an elegant dressing table. The dressing table was finished with soft, ambient lighting and provided a really decorative touch in this lovely bedroom scheme.

Thank you for reading our latest blog post about the summer bedroom trends for this year. We hope you’re now feeling suitably inspired and ready to begin your project. We’re also here to help this summer should you require any interiors advice. From atmospheric lighting to standout florals and carpets, the question is, which of the bedroom trends will you be embracing for summer 2018?