Functional, showstopping and a trend that is only increasing in popularity, kitchen islands are a must-have addition to any new kitchen design. Without a kitchen island, there is only so much workspace and storage you can take advantage of. Plus, having a social place to congregate is up there with having somewhere to cook right?

If you’re contemplating kitchen islands in your new kitchen design, allow us to weigh up some pros and cons in this week’s helpful blog post.

Pro: More Storage and Workspace

One big advantage of investing in a kitchen island is the abundance of extra storage and workspace the showpiece brings with it. All of a sudden you have a new place to store cutlery, dinner plates and so much more. The extra work surface also offers plenty of room for preparing meals and storing kitchen gadgets. You can even enjoy custom wine racks for that Châteauneuf-du-Pape collection.

Con: Expense

One tiny downside to opting for a kitchen island is that obviously there will be some kind of costs involved. Depending on your requirements, there will be added labour charges and the materials needed will also increase. Additionally, your project may take longer to complete. Ultimately, however, you are getting more kitchen so it is all relative when you put things into perspective.

Pro: Increased Home Value

According to an article written by Houzz, it’s crucial that potential buyers can see the appeal of a kitchen. They favour familiarity, so choose appliances for kitchen islands from recognisable and recommended brands. It’s also equally important that the layout is functional and a buyer can imagine themselves being in the new kitchen. Even if you have no intentions of moving, a kitchen island will certainly increase the value and appeal of your home.

Con: Kitchen Islands may Reduce Space

Before embarking on a renovation that includes a kitchen island, make sure you will be left with plenty of space to move around comfortably. Likewise, be sure to choose a unit that works best for your size of kitchen. Transformations that involve kitchen islands may also involve some kind of rerouting of the utilities. For these small sacrifices, however, you’ll gain so much more in return.

Pro: Kitchen Islands are Customisable

One edge to kitchen islands is the fact that no two units need to be the same. Possessing great design flexibility, kitchen islands can be created to suit your individual lifestyle and when any idea is conceivable, you really can let your creativity flow. Need somewhere to house your cookbooks? No problem. Craving something a bit different to impress with at parties? Done. From built-in induction hobs to even cleverly disguised phone chargers, there is so much potential when you don’t put a cap on imagination.

At Twenty 5 Design, our team would love to help you devise a kitchen island that is unique to your family and your home. One of our recent projects featured a kitchen island with a lower level area and this was designed so that our customer’s little girls could enjoy their favourite hobby of baking.

For advice and suggestions on your home improvement project, why not pay us a visit at our central Wakefield showroom? With a host of options available for exclusive kitchen islands, anything is possible when you collaborate with Twenty 5 Design.