When it comes to new kitchen trends and design concepts, the latest styles will always have great influence over how we choose to renovate our homes. At Twenty 5 Design, we are so proud to have recently achieved our 1000th project and so we like to think we know a thing or two when it comes to current kitchen trends.

Because the summer months are a wonderful time for home improvements, if you’re looking to brighten up your kitchen this season, here are 5 prominent kitchen trends to give you some inspiration.

Neutral Cabinetry

Relied upon for their simple and timeless appeal, white kitchen cabinets are still very much a go-to favourite amongst our customers. This summer, however, we’re also seeing an increase in pale grey and this grown-up shade works really well when paired with warming accents such as brass cupboard handles or gold taps and mixers. Going over to the dark side now and moody colours are also making a return this summer with navy’s, plums and even deep greens casting a stylish shadow in on-trend kitchens. This superb project we carried out in Horbury recently showcases both dark blue cabinetry and neutral.

Brilliant Quartz

Another firm favourite amongst this year’s many kitchen trends is the dazzling mineral quartz. Perfect for high-end countertops, quartz is extremely tough and once installed it will effectively last forever. One project we carried out in Sandal actually featured light quartz worktops and the result was very elegant when paired against oak-painted cabinetry.

Another lovely quality about quartz is that it reflects light brilliantly so you can enjoy even more splendour in your kitchen this summer as the sun bounces off your worktops.

Moroccan Moments

Statement patterned tiles have been in fashion for a while now but why not put a spin on this eclectic kitchen trend with a touch of Moroccan-inspired flooring. Bringing a holiday-like feel into the home even during the colder months, searches for Moroccan style decor have shot up lately on Pinterest by 128%. If you’re worried you’ll get bored of such a big commitment, however, you can easily pull off striking boho charm through the use of thick wooden worktops, lanterns and spectacular kitchen lighting that wouldn’t look out of place in a bazaar.

Eco-Kitchen Trends

One refreshing kitchen trend that is starting to go mainstream is the use of organic materials and artisanal textures. As more and more of us take the environment into consideration, finishes such as concrete, walnut and cork are becoming increasingly popular with homeowners. Creating an uplifting vibe, plenty of energising greens such as hanging ivy’s and beautiful blooms will also bring a lacklustre kitchen back to life.

Wine Coolers

And finally, we saved the best until last. Who doesn’t want chilled wine right? Wine fridges are officially on the up with research by Houzz showing 76% of those surveyed always keeping their wine fridge half full or fully stocked. One of our favourite kitchen trends of this summer, wine coolers also save on fridge space, they look pretty suave and will serve your beverage of choice at the best temperature for drinking. Cheers.

Ta-da, so there we have it! We hope you have enjoyed learning about this summer’s kitchen trends and how they can be worked into the layout of your Twenty 5 Design kitchen. Our team work on interior projects throughout the Yorkshire region and we would love to invite you to visit our Wakefield showroom where we demonstrate unique design at its very best.

Whichever of the kitchen trends you decide to embrace this summer, our brilliant team will ensure yours is a cool and pleasant environment throughout the long, balmy months. Now, where’s that Tom Collins?