You can never have enough space for everything in your bedroom. There’s certainly plenty of items that require storing in your bedroom, and trying to keep the place looking as simple, clean and tidy as possible can be difficult.

It’s important to find a storage solution that doesn’t compromise the overall design of the room. Luckily, there are plenty of smart design elements you can use in a bedroom project to increase storage options for your bedroom without taking up too much space.

These are our six design tricks for adding more storage space in your bedroom whilst leaving the space feeling open and clean.

1 - Drawers under the bed

Spare space under your bed is a great place to store any additional belongings. If the space is large enough, adding additional drawers under the bed will help to organise storage and give your extra items a new home.

If there isn’t any space between your bed and the floor, consider raising your bed slightly to allow for added space. You would be able to easily fit storage containers in any gaps, giving you more options for storing your personal items.

2 - Double duty furniture

If storage space is low in your bedroom, using double duty furniture is a must. For example, using a small cabinet as a nightstand will allow for extra storage space, and using a small cupboard as both a table and a place to store any additional items will help to maximise your storage space without taking up too much room.

3 - Built-in cabinets

Built in cabinets are a huge space saver - they take up little to no space, freeing up much larger areas of your room. Whilst they take up more time to install, they are great for extra storage and don’t take up more space than is necessary.

You can also add full length mirrors as the door to the cabinet - giving you more uses for one item whilst freeing up space where your previous mirror may have been. Full length mirrors will also even make the room look bigger, giving a more spacious feel!

4 - Wall length wardrobes

Wall length wardrobes, whilst taking up a little more space than normal wardrobes, - give you additional storage space whilst keeping your room feeling clean and spacious.

It reduces the bulkier feel that a single large piece of furniture may give, and adds a cosy feel to the room whilst cleaning up your storage.

5 - Multi purpose headboards

Headboards can easily double as a storage solution too. Use the space around your bed to build a headboard that allows you to store any personal items, books or bedside essentials. You can also add stylish shelving that doubles as a headboard to give you more storage options.

6 - Shelving hacks

If you have shelving in your bedroom, using them in the right way and adding a few clever features can help to maximise your storage options.

For example, fixing a rail to the underside of a shelf can allow you to use your shelf as a clothing rack. Different shelving shapes and sizes can also allow for more storage - use box or circular shelves to store items both on the inner and outer surfaces of the shelves for a solution that not only saves space, but adds character to your room.

Saving space for storage

Regardless of how little storage space you think you may have, there’s always a way to work around things to find smarter ways to make room for all your treasured items and personal belonging.

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