Deciding on an inspiring and aesthetically pleasing layout for your kitchen can be difficult to get right. However, if you choose the layout and plan of your kitchen wisely, it can open up many possibilities for the design of your kitchen.

Kitchens are more than just a room to cook and store your utensils and appliances, so before you decide on the design and aesthetics of the room, take some time to think about what layout would be best suited to your needs - whether that’s open layout, island, peninsula or something truly unique.

Here are six inspiring layouts you should keep in mind for when you plan and design your new kitchen.

1 - Create a Family Hub with an Open Plan Layout

An open plan kitchen is an ideal layout for you if you have a larger kitchen, have a bigger family, tend to throw a lot of dinner parties, or even if you just want your kitchen to be a more sociable place with greater functionality.

By combining living room and kitchen elements in one space, open plan kitchens have the potential to become a natural family hub, perfect for socialising and relaxing, as well as cooking and eating.

Open plan layouts are the way to go if you’re looking to transform your kitchen into the heart of your home.

2 - U-shaped Units for Efficient Workflows

One of the most common kitchen layouts, the U shaped units are formed by three connecting walls, or by adding a peninsula around the units. An ideal design option for both compact and spacious kitchens, U-shaped units make for an incredibly effective and ergonomic design.

With the units all in one surrounding space, it makes accessing appliances quicker and easier, and also creates additional storage space for any extra culinary needs. It also makes for a more streamlined layout, allowing for more relaxation in your kitchen by creating a simple and easygoing atmosphere.

3 - Divide Your Kitchen with a Peninsula

A peninsula layout is another design option perfect for larger kitchens. With a connected island making a horseshoe shape, peninsulas function on the same level as an island, but with additional space for those with bigger kitchens, or bigger families who require more space.

Peninsula layouts tend to be used in larger kitchens as a room divider, to separate the kitchen from the dining area, and are a larger version of a U-shaped kitchen.

However, a peninsula can be an option for smaller kitchens when designed well - it can be used for additional storage, freeing up space and allowing you to work more freely and efficiently in your kitchen. It also differs from islands in that it doesn’t have to be a particular size - it can be tailored to fit the structure and design of your own kitchen.

4 - Create a Central Focus with an Island

Kitchens with an island as a central focus is a popular option - but only works for kitchens with more space and an open area. Islands look impressive and are highly stylish, and can also be highly influential in improving the functionality and accessibility of your kitchen.

For larger kitchens, it’s an excellent way to use up any additional space, and makes for a great central focus for your kitchen.

Whilst it’s more suited for larger kitchens, when incorporated into smaller kitchens it can also be a great way to free up space and turn your kitchen into a more efficient space. This can be achieved by using an island to combine work appliances in one area, freeing up other spaces in your kitchen.

5 - Break Up Sections with an L-shaped Layout

An L-shaped kitchen layout is more of an open arrangement, and may sometimes include a table or an island if there is more space to make use of in your kitchen.

Highly adaptable, L-shaped kitchens also offer optimum counter space, and more room to freely navigate and work, creating a more open and spacious area for you. It’s also a great way to increase lighting in your kitchen, as open space allows for more natural light to seep in.

6 - Maximise Space with a Single Wall Layout

One wall kitchens are ideally the best option for smaller kitchens. By incorporating most of the furniture and units in a single wall, one wall layouts can be a highly effective and stylish way to maximise space in your kitchen. Fewer units and more space can also make for a more efficient workflow process.

While it may seem constricting to have all appliances on one single wall, it’s an ultimate space saver, giving you more room and creating an open and comfortable space.

One wall kitchens are also an ideal kitchen layout for a single cook - as a single wall, whilst still accessible to others, is somewhat limited to more than one cook at a time (perfect to avoid back seat chefs!).


There are a number of ingenious ideas for kitchen layouts, but what it really comes down to is the individual needs of each user, the size of your kitchen and your own personal design preferences.

Your designers can work with you to discuss how you use the space, take in your current setup and kitchen requirements and use this create a plan for a transformed kitchen layout.

At Twenty 5 Design, our designers have years of experience in managing bespoke design projects for your kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. If you’d like to find out more about how we can transform your home, don’t hesitate to get in touch.